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UK gambling white paper could influence Australian reform

29 May 2023
What takeaways are there for future policies?
The UK gambling white paper release marks a comprehensive step in regulating gambling policies for legislations around the world.

In a webinar, Professor Sally Gainsbury, director of the Gambling Treatment & Research Clinic, and Assistant Professor Kahlil Philander from Washington State University spoke to UK Gambling Commission’s Director Ben Haden and Executive Director for Research and Policy, Tim Miller.

The white paper builds on the UK Gambling Act in 2005, including the recent shift around public attitudes towards gambling on digital platforms.

The paper serves as a commitment by the Commission to increase regulatory powers to tackle illegal gambling, improve other gambling regulations and facilitate cross-government collaboration to deliver on growing regulatory responsibilities.

As part of the implementation, the Commission plans to release its findings to the public on a regular basis over the years, in the Gambling Survey for Great Britain.

We are going through a testing phase to move to a new methodology for what we'll call the Gambling Survey for Great Britain…I think it will give us a fundamentally very strong sample to understand consumer behaviour and the level of harm they have suffered.
UK Gambling Commission's Director, Ben Haden

White Paper Discussion

Professor Sally Gainsbury and Dr. Kahlil Philander will be speaking with Tim Miller, Executive Director of the UK Gaming Commission and Ben Haden, Programme Director of Insight and Engagement about the recently released White Paper. The discussion will talk about many aspects of this much anticipated document, including the statutory advice issued to government and the new evidence assurance process that was put in place to help inform the advice.

Executive Director for Research and Policy, Tim Miller said, "It's a package of measures designed very specifically for the gambling market here in in Britain. And whilst I'm sure many of these things can be applied in other jurisdictions, I think what's clear is much of what we're doing is responding to kind of the environment that we're operating in here, and that includes taking account of the views of consumers."

Professor Sally Gainsbury, University of Sydney

Professor Sally Gainsbury, University of Sydney

There are a lot of people around the world watching what happens in the UK. Australian gambling regulation is currently being reviewed and the changes in the UK are likely to impact future Australian gambling reforms.
Professor Sally Gainsbury

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