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Industry pioneers share career insights with Dalyell rising stars

1 July 2019
Business Dalyell Scholars give industry experts new perspective

Alumnus Alexis Soulopoulos, co-founder of Mad Paws, and Tim Larcos, Director of Operations at PwC, have urged the Business School's Dalyell Scholars students to disrupt traditional work practices in order to build dynamic careers.

Held each semester, the Business Dalyell Masterclass and the Business Dalyell Career Kickstarter are opportunities for industry experts to connect with high-achieving Business School Dalyell Scholars students looking to develop their professional skills.

Business Dalyell Masterclass

Alexis Soulopoulos

Alexis Soulopoulos

Presenting at the Business Dalyell Masterclass, Alexis Soulopoulos (MMgt(CEMS) '14) shared how he grew Sydney-based startup Mad Paws to become the top-of-mind pet sitting service in Australia.

Listed as one of the top startups in Australia, Mad Paws has a rapidly growing network of 300,000 pet owners and 20,000 pet sitters across the country, as well as strategic partnerships with Qantas, Bondi Vet and PETstock.

"What was special was that most questions the students asked, I hadn’t received before," Soulopoulos said.

The new questions made me think about our business from a different perspective. The students offered great out-of-the-box growth ideas.
Alexis Soulopoulos, CEO & Co-Founder, Mad Paws

Alexis' 3 tips for startup success


Numbers are everything


Customers need a "wow" experience


Speed is more important than perfection

Business Dalyell Career Kickstarter

Tim Larcos

Tim Larcos

With global experience in the digital and technology landscape across sectors including healthcare and consulting, Tim Larcos used his presentation at the Business Dalyell Career Kickstarter to challenge students to re-evaluate what it means to have a personal brand.

Recognised as one of Australia's top 50 CIOs, Larcos spoke on the importance of creating an authentic brand to gain the most beneficial traction for an individual’s career path or follower base.

Tim's 4 steps for creating a personal brand


Discover what your personal brand is.



Create an authentic and unique brand.


Communicate through clear, consistent messaging.


Maintain your brand by being responsive to your audience.

The polarised perspectives made for great conversation, discussion and insights. The students' hunger for growth, knowledge and development was palpable.
Tim Larcos, Director, Operations, PwC Australia