Business Dalyell students innovate online to solve global challenges

7 July 2020
High-achieving students disrupt for good during COVID-19
Through the Dalyell Scholars program, high-achieving Business School students have worked with industry leaders and innovators to develop creative solutions to real-world problems.

Business Dalyell Masterclass: Technology and the Future of Work

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, industry experts from IBM, Accenture and LendLease gave Business Dalyell students some prescient insights into how technology is changing the way we work and shaping future careers.

Business Dalyell Creativity Series

In a series of bespoke Dalyell videos adapted for online learning, creativity expert Paulina Larocca shared her tips on pushing the boundaries of creative thinking. After watching Paulina's videos, students were challenged to put their skills to the test with creative responses to the questions below.

Life is like coding. Take it step by step, line by line, and you will have something amazing in the end.

- Serena Gao, winning entry

Probability manipulation: the ability to foresee the potential outcomes of a decision and to manipulate the probability of those outcomes occurring.

To me, freedom is the potential for infinite possibilities and outcomes to occur, without restrictions or limitations upon those outcomes. Achieving freedom is thus two-pronged: to open up the potential for these infinite possible outcomes to become reality, and to remove limitations that prevent or limit the potential for those outcomes to be achieved.

To be able to manipulate the probability of different outcomes would achieve both: by opening up possibilities that were infinitesimally small to make the impossible possible, and by removing the uncertainty of unknown outcomes that prevents and inhibits those outcomes from being actualised and becoming reality.

Thus, it is the superpower of probability manipulation that would grant me the feeling of being truly free.

- Wei Want, winning entry

The real power of creativity lies in the ability to ask beautiful and elegant and provocative questions.
Paulina Larocca

Dalyell x Salesforce x Deloitte Challenge

After learning about Salesforce technology through the Trailhead platform, Business Dalyell students were asked to respond to a real-world business problem in the style of a TikTok video. Responses were judged by Salesforce executives and Business Dalyell staff.

The problem: How can selected Salesforce technologies be used by Northern Trail Outfitters to ensure business continuity during the global coronavirus health crisis?

Salesforce is proud to have teamed up with University of Sydney on the prestigious Dalyell x Salesforce x Deloitte challenge in May 2020. It's never been more important to support today's workforce to learn the skills needed for the jobs of the future. We look forward to taking industry-led learning to the next level with the University of Sydney.
Julian Gittins, Regional Vice President - Partner Enablement APAC at Salesforce

Call for Code IBM Hackathon

Teams of Business Dalyell students won first place and runner up at the regional Australia and New Zealand Call for Code competition, and will now work closely with IBM to prepare for the global finals. The competition required students to create practical, effective, and high-quality applications based on IBM Cloud services that can have an immediate and lasting impact on either COVID-19 or climate change-related issues.

Jagen and Josh presenting at the Australia/New Zealand Call for Code competition.

Despite the fact we were up against an exceptionally talented group of individuals, we really benefited from being part of the Dalyell Program where we were able to develop an invaluable relationship with Dr Sandra Seno-Alday, Director of the Dalyell Program.
Joshua Mok and Jagen Yoon, Call for Code regional competition winners

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