08 March 2023

It’s called Frenchs Forest for a reason and why it is important to see the wood for the trees

Rico Merkert and David Li look at the effectiveness and authenticity of carbon offsetting when looking at the true carbon footprint of proposals.

28 February 2023

How to perfect your prompt writing for AI generators

Prompt engineering is essential for unlocking generative AI's capabilities, and luckily it isn't a technical skill, writes Dr Marcel Scharth from the University of Sydney Business School.
24 February 2023

Working women more educated but not more respected

Young Australian women are still fighting for equal pay, respect and opportunities in the workforce, according to a new report from the University of Sydney and the Australian National University.
23 February 2023

Two outstanding teachers receive national recognition

Two University of Sydney academics have been awarded citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in the 2022 Australian Awards for University Teaching.

16 February 2023

Your next colleague might be artificial intelligence

Most companies are likely to 'employ' a digital human within a decade, according to researchers from the University of Sydney Business School.
15 February 2023

Outstanding researchers supported with prestigious prizes

The 2023 Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Prizes have been awarded to 20 talented academics from across the University.
15 February 2023

MBA Student Profile Desmond Graham

Alek Safarian scholarship recipient Desmond Graham reflects on how the part-time MBA has benefitted his work in the geriatric care industry.
10 February 2023

What if Opal and Myki became one? It'd help more of us than you'd think

PhD candidate James Bushell from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies explains how and why Australia's two largest public transport systems should work together.
08 February 2023

ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare. If you've ever posted online, you ought to be concerned

Professor Uri Gal from the University of Sydney Business School explains why ChatGPT's language model and data policy should sound a warning to consumers.
07 February 2023

Aboriginal credit union successfully combines cultures

Australia's only Indigenous-owned credit union holds lessons for the nation, according to a study from the University of Sydney Business School.