11 June 2024

MBA scholarships awarded to Indigenous leaders

Indigenous Australians Leading in Business MBA Scholarship recipients, Belinda Craig and Belinda Murdoch, are dedicated to positively impacting Indigenous communities and industries.
07 June 2024

Sexual harassment rife in retail work

The peak bodies representing retailers and workers are calling on the industry to address the scourge of sexual harassment, in light of new research.
03 June 2024

Funnelling congestion: How Sydney exacerbated congestion after spending tens of billions on transport infrastructure

Dr Christopher Day and Dick Day point to a need for more integrated, thoughtful planning, guided by independent research and a more accountable and transparent evaluation process.
31 May 2024

The pathway to professional achievement

Critical thinking skills and the ability to build high performing teams have served Neil Palagedara well in his professional career.
31 May 2024

Taking a human approach

An interest in human behaviour and different cultures has driven Lama Makkouk’s desire to help organisations build cohesive and motivated teams.
30 May 2024

Generous perks equals happy workers? Not always. Here's what employees really want

Benefits need to meet three criteria to be most effective at attracting and retaining employees, writes Associate Professor Sunghoon Kim for The Conversation.
28 May 2024

David Gonski AC awarded Doctor of Business

David Gonski AC was today admitted to the degree of Doctor of Business (honoris causa) for his outstanding and visionary leadership, exceptional contribution to the business community and to education, and for his support of the arts.
27 May 2024

Women in leadership advocate awarded Future Leaders MBA Scholarship

With over 17 years of experience shaping societal and governmental change, while championing women in leadership, Nadine Jones has been awarded this year’s Future Leaders MBA Scholarship.
26 May 2024

A guide to unconventional send-offs

If you want to be buried on your own land or donate your body to science, it's important to understand the regulations in your state and make your intentions known to your next of kin, writes Professor Sandra van der Laan for The Conversation.
20 May 2024

ChatGPT is now better than ever at faking human emotion and behaviour

As AI becomes more adept at mimicking human emotion, the risk of users forming deep emotional attachments could lead to over-reliance, manipulation and even harm, writes Dr Marcel Scharth for The Conversation.