15 May 2024

MBA scholarship awarded to emerging leader in the pharmaceutical industry

Sydney alumnus Michael Quach has been awarded the Alek Safarian MBA Scholarship. He shares his commitment to using this unique professional development opportunity to accelerate his career in the pharmaceutical industry.
13 May 2024

Sydney alumna receives Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership

After being awarded the Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership, Kate Woods is determined to advance her career in the NSW public health system and lead sustainable healthcare initiatives within the not-for-profit sector.
09 May 2024

How to improve Australian technological innovation

The Australian ICT sector is enjoying unprecedented access to capital, but a new report suggests two key players could help drive innovation forward.
06 May 2024

Should supply chain leaders invest in generative AI solutions?

Dr Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya provides three basic questions for supply chain leaders to ask to detrmine if they should invest in generative AI solutions.
03 May 2024

Electric vehicles will start to cut emissions and improve air quality in our cities - but only once they're common

Creating a sustainable transport future is about more than greening the power grid, write Professor John Rose and Dr Andrea Pellegrini for The Conversation.
18 April 2024

Why your students don't do the readings

It's a common complaint among teachers, but new research suggests a different approach to readings can significantly improve student engagement.
17 April 2024

Meet our UN Women Australia Global Executive MBA scholarship recipient

The University of Sydney’s Global Executive MBA program was the perfect fit for Elena Pak, who has always been passionate about international relations, gender equality and global development.
11 April 2024

Net Zero course to equip business leaders ahead of mandatory climate reporting deadline

The transition to net zero is the great challenge of this century, and more support is now available for businesses preparing for new climate reporting requirements.
10 April 2024

EVs face future challenges despite increasing uptake

Few Australians are opposed to electric vehicles in principle - but a new transport survey has revealed one key hurdle to widespread uptake.
10 April 2024

Five minutes with digital health expert, Ali Besiso

Ali Besiso (B Hlth Sci '10, M H I '12, MBA '23) is passionate about improving health care through digital innovation. Transitioning from health sciences to leading two successful digital health startups, we caught up with him to learn more about how the digital era is reshaping patient care worldwide.