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Building stronger communities with industry and government
We collaborate with industry and government partners to make positive impacts on transport, logistics and supply chain initiatives around the world.

Our successful collaborations

As a leading international centre of thought leadership in the areas of transport, logistics and supply chain management, we have been involved in many successful collaborative relationships spanning the private and public sectors. Some of these include:

  • Advising on all major toll road projects in Australia and New Zealand, which involved engaging extensively with bidding consortia comprised of Transurban, Theiss, Macquarie Bank, ABN Amro and John Holland.
  • Advising the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Frontier Economics, PwC, Parsons Brickenhoff, Gilbert and Tobin and the UK’s Southern Water on choice modelling.
  • Advising reverse logistics specialists such as AWA Ltd on distribution networks.
  • Providing input on supply chain logistics for Nestle.
  • Advising the private bus sector on aspects of government interaction.
  • Guiding Australia’s procurement sector on the setting and improvement of their industry standards.
  • Providing input to the New South Wales long-term transport master plan.
  • Conducting a valuation and impact analysis on Sydney’s proposed heavy rail and bus rapid transit system network.
  • Analysing of high speed rail viability with both public and private organisations. 
  • Working in collaboration with the Australasian Rail Association regarding proposals for high speed rail links between Sydney and Melbourne.
When it came to upgrading the skills of key traffic operators and planners at the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW, seeking input from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies was an obvious choice. The long term partnership has resulted in a series of specialised study programs that have helped improve staff skill levels and assisted the organisation in addressing its many challenges.
Paul Forward, Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW, Chief Executive (1999-2005)

Our partners

Funding on the line: public transport financing and property value capture 

Partnering with Griffith University, Gold Coast City Council, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Transport for NSW, Queensland Airports Limited, and the University of Queensland.

Understanding impact of autonomous vehicles on behaviour and interactions 

Partnering with the University of UNSW, Queensland University of Technology, ARRB Group Ltd, Transport for NSW, Robert Bosch (Australia) Proprietary Limited, Road Safety Commission, GoGet Carshare, VicRoads, Transport Accident Commission, and Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety (USA).


In 2016, the University of Sydney became the first academic institution to receive a full GS1 membership.

GS1 are involved in four teaching programs offered across two units of study at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies. They include:

Procurement Strategy and Negotiation Workshop

This workshop is designed to give students experience in the conduct of a realistic commercial negotiation. Students form negotiation teams with the objective of finalising a procurement agreement on behalf of the companies that they represent. Furthermore, the workshop challenges students to reflect on their negotiations and present to the entire class and assessors an outline of their strategy, its successful, less successful and learning outcomes.

Contemporary Procurement Industry Forum

This event takes a practical and experiential approach to learning. Business executives are invited to an Industry Forum where they present personal narratives and professional experiences relating to procurement. The objective of the Forum is to enable interaction and discussion across multiple industries and multiple perspectives, so students can witness the diversity, challenges and innovation that these professionals have experienced in the field of strategic procurement in their working lives.

The GS1 Academic Certificate

The GS1 Academic Certificate is an interactive course that provides insights into best practice supply chain management. The single day course is based on role-play, simulating typical business scenarios that require practical and realistic solutions by the application of GS1 standards. Students learn how to enable process automation, traceability and overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

RFID Applications Workshop: Relevance, Versatility and Productivity

This workshop is an innovative response to the challenges of higher-end automation in global and local supply chains. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the Electronic Product Code (EPC) are used by businesses to overcome challenges, where the traditional approaches have limited effectiveness. Students are presented with theoretical, operational and technological knowledge and experience on the implementation of RFID / EPC in a variety of different business contexts and applications.

Bus and Coach Association of NSW

In partnership with the Bus and Coach Association of NSW, we have developed a program designed to meet the requirements for accreditation for bus and coach companies in NSW under the Passenger Transport Act. 

Visit our Bus and coach accreditation scheme short course for full program details. 

ITLS and GS1 Australia, a success story.

Award partners

Each year, the institute hosts an awards presentation to honour high achieving students, sponsored by industry partners, including:

Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics logo
The Peter Koning Memorial Award (The Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics in Australia)

Awarded for the highest academic achievement in the Master of Transport Management.

Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia logo
Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia Award for Excellence

Awarded for the highest academic achievement in the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

GS1 Australia logo
GS1 Australia Prize

Awarded for the highest academic achievement in the Production and Operations Management unit of study. 

Awarded for the highest academic achievement in the Contemporary Procurement unit of study. 

BusNSW logo
BusNSW Prize

Awarded for the best performance in the Certificate of Transport Management program.

Mrs M.A. Ching Prize

Awarded to an international student for the highest academic achievement in a transport, infrastructure and/or logistics and supply chain management specialisation in the Master of Commerce.

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies Prize

Awarded for excellence in postgraduate research in transport, logistics or supply chain management.