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Engaged Innovation Scholarship

Driving innovation through engaged research
We bring Business School researchers together with scientists, engineers and biomedical researchers to advance knowledge about science commercialisation processes while actively contributing to them.
Australia is in a $1.6 trillion global innovation race, where the prize at stake is a bigger share of global wealth, better jobs, and the best access to the products of innovation for addressing societal challenge… Innovation and Science Australia's vision for 2030 is that Australia will be counted within the top tier of innovation nations. We will take pride in our global reputation for excellence in science, research and commercialisation.
Innovation and Science Australia

Achieving Innovation and Science Australia's vision represents a grand challenge for Australia. New approaches are required within our innovation ecosystem, including in the way universities address science translation and commercialisation.

The Engaged Innovation Scholarship team aims to complement and leverage the University of Sydney's formidable research strengths by fostering new capabilities in commercialisation.

About us

We are implementing an innovative approach to Australia's science commercialisation challenge through close collaboration with colleagues across faculty boundaries. Innovation challenges do not respect disciplinary boundaries and cannot be adequately tackled with knowledge from just one part of the University.

Our aims are:

  • to help inventors become more business-minded and customer-focused so their research is more easily de-risked and made commercialisation-ready
  • to help inventors become more societally-minded and stakeholder-focused, in the event that their innovations may pose novel risks
  • to contribute to an entrepreneurial culture and excellence through impact at an institutional level.

What is Engaged Innovation Scholarship?

Engaged Innovation Scholarship refers to the systematic mobilisation and production of knowledge about innovation by Business School and other social science scholars who are embedded alongside natural science, engineering and biomedical researchers as members of multidisciplinary teams.

While studying innovation "in the making" to produce and publish new knowledge, embedded researchers also assess and mobilise existing knowledge to position the team advantageously for capitalising on opportunities for innovation, commercialisation and entrepreneurship.

Our people

Our team combines expertise in strategy processes and practices, commercialisation of science-based research, institutional and academic entrepreneurship, innovation processes, and the organising of risk.

Our research

Collectively we have earned over $25 million in research funding with co-investigators, as well as numerous awards. We publish regularly in leading business and multidisciplinary journals such as:

  • Academy of Management Annals
  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Academy of Management Review
  • California Management Review
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Organizational Research Methods
  • Organization Studies
  • Strategic Management Journal


  • Environmental Health Perspectives
  • Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry
  • Global Governance
  • Health Care Management Review
  • Integrated Environmental Assessment & Management

Current projects

The scholarly aim of this research is to develop a process model of academic entrepreneurship that incorporates and integrates recent theorising about innovation ecosystems, giving attention to the distinct roles of, and relationships among, ecosystem actors.

The practical aim of this research is to solicit the perspectives of diverse types of actors or stakeholders with experience and interest in identifying how to go about improving the performance of the local innovation ecosystem.

As part of the inaugural Sydney Nano 'Catalyst' project, we are working with science, engineering and biomedical researchers involved in processes of developing and/or commercialising new technologies or inventions, closely following their commercialisation pursuits.

In addition to documenting the commercialisation of new technologies, we aim to mobilise scholarly knowledge about innovation and commercialisation to support inventors to achieve their commercialisation goals.

A collaboration with McGill University, the $9 million EcoToxChip project is developing, testing, validating, and commercialising quantitative PCR arrays and a data evaluation tool for the characterisation, prioritisation, and management of environmental chemicals and complex mixtures of regulatory concern.

Professor Steven Maguire is one of two social scientists among the project’s eight principal investigators, and he is spearheading GE3LS research (Genomics and its Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social Aspects) on innovation and institutional entrepreneurship.

Our events

More events will be scheduled soon.

Integrating Social Sciences with Nanosciences for a Sustainable Future
  • 19-20 November
  • Professor Steven Maguire

Professor Steven Maguire presented "Integrating Social Sciences with Nanosciences for a Sustainable Future" at the international workshop on Nanotechnology for a Sustainable Future organised by the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Partner with us

We regularly undertake funded research in partnership with government, businesses and not-for-profit organisations in addition to scientists, engineers and biomedical researchers. We warmly welcome approaches for engaged research and potential research partnerships.

Contact Professor Steven Maguire for more information on the project or how we might collaborate:

Contact us

Steven Maguire

Professor of Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship