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Strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship research

Imagining business not as usual approaches to societal challenges
At the Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we engage in impactful teaching and high-quality research to develop actionable knowledge for a sustainable future. Driven by ambitious standards of excellence, we partner with academia, business, governments, and civil society organisations.

Our research interests include research commercialisation, Indigenous organisations and social entrepreneurship, practice-led strategising, sustainability, open innovation, technology and innovation management, identity and reputation, stakeholder engagement, and behavioural strategy.

We make a difference through the following initiatives: the Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE) program, the Genesis start-up accelerator, and Sydney Nano Institute engagement.

Our people

Meet our academics and research students.

Our initiatives 

Our area is home to several initiatives that bring students, researchers, the public and industry partners together to find new solutions to issues facing our community.

Events and research seminars

If multimedia communication of a strategy enables more effective learning, why don’t more organisations do it?
  • Date: 19 June 2018 at 12:30pm
  • Venue: Rm 5050, Lvl 5, the Abercrombie Building (H70)
  • Speaker: Professor Stephen Cummings, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
Institutional Aesthetics: Embodied Ways of Knowing and Institutional Processes
  • Date: 17 May 2018 at 12pm
  • Venue: Rm 5040, Abercrombie Building (H70)
  • Speaker: Professor Douglas Creed, College of Business, University of Rhode Island
Identity synchronization as a route to newcomers' hybrid socialisation
  • Date: 20 March 2018 at 2.30pm
  • Venue: Rm 5070, Abercrombie Building (H70)
  • Speaker: Stoyan Stoyanov, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde Business School
Organising the freelancer society
  • Date: 15 March 2018 at 10.30am
  • Venue: Rm 5040, Abercrombie Building (H70)
  • Speaker: Bernhard Resch, Victoria University of Wellington

Head of Discipline

David Oliver
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Angela O'Brien

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Alex Tatarinoff

Administration Officer

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