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Work and organisational studies

Redesigning the future of work and organisations
The Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies is home to a long standing and highly regarded group of scholars in this field.

Our research and teaching aim to examine, analyse and influence the world of work and organisations in Australia and beyond by exploring challenges around the employment relationship and the workplace. Our research themes include:

  • how perceptions and behaviours of individuals and groups impact the organisation’s functioning and performance
  • design, management and regulation of work
  • development and support of team member and leadership qualities
  • gender, diversity and inclusion at work
  • the future of work and organisations.

Our theory-led, strategy-focused and policy-relevant teaching and research equips our students with the knowledge and skills to work in diverse organisational settings. We contribute directly to knowledge, policy and practice in the fields of management, leadership, organisational behaviour, human resource management and employment relations.

Research groups

Our people

Meet our academics and research students.

Professor Marian Baird

Professor Rae Cooper

Professor Bradon Ellem

Professor Kevin Lowe

Professor John Shields

Emeritus Professor Russell Lansbury

Emeritus Professor Greg Patmore

Associate Professor Dimitria Groutsis

Associate Professor Myra Hamilton

Associate Professor Anya Johnson

Associate Professor Sunghoon Kim

Associate Professor Angela Knox  

Associate Professor Helena Nguyen

Associate Professor Chris F Wright

Senior Lecturers

Dr Stephen Clibborn

Dr Mark Westcott


Dr Eliza Byington

Dr Meraiah Foley

Dr Vanessa Loh

Dr Karyn Wang

Academic Fellows

Dr James Donald

Dr Ju Li Ng

Dr Alex Veen

Associate Lecturers

Mesepa Paul

Dr Maria Ishkova

University of Sydney Fellow

Frances Flanagan

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr Andreea Constantin

Dr Shanta Dey

Dr Briony Lipton

Dr Alison Williams

Dr Nate Zettna

Research Officer

Alice Muller

Honorary Professors

Felicia Huppert

Susan McGrath-Champ

Ray Markey

Honorary Associate Professors

Dr Flora Gill

Suzanne Jamieson

Dr Jim Kitay

John O'Brien

Diane van den Broek

Honorary Associates

Sue Bussell

Jonathan Hamberger

Dr Min-Kyu Joo

Phillip McDonald

Dr Sarah Mosseri

Dr Sarah Oxenbridge

 Susan Price

 Troy Roderick

Adjunct Professor

Dr Iain Ross

Adjunct Associate Professor

Joseph Catanzariti

Research Affiliates

Elisabeth Kirkby

Annalena Welp

Research seminars

We host regular seminars as part of our Work and Organisational Studies Speaker Series. If you would like to attend one of these talks, please email All other enquiries should be directed to Dr Stephen Clibborn, who coordinates the series.

Recent publications

Acting Head of Discipline

Anya Johnson
Anya Johnson
Academic profile

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