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International business research

Leaders in global business and strategy
The Discipline of International Business comprises a diverse team whose world-standard research addresses the challenges of globalisation providing solutions for business.

With researchers from Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, the Philippines, Poland, the UK and the United States as well as Australia, we are a diverse discipline with an international focus. We publish frequently in leading international refereed journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies, the Journal of World Business and Harvard Business Review.

The scope of our work reflects the inextricable link between the dynamics of international business and the economic, regulatory, political and cultural frameworks within which business operates. We support research on:

  • international risk management and crisis management for business organisations, governments and NGOs
  • business-government relations, including government incentives and FDI policy for attracting and managing MNEs
  • country-specific studies, such as the impact of Japanese MNEs on the Asia- Pacific region, foreign investment in China, and the contribution of foreign firms to the development of Australia.

Areas of particular research expertise include:

  • multinational and transnational business activities
  • strategic and managerial processes that cross national boundaries
  • managing cultural differences and international negotiations
  • joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • mergers and acquisitions.

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Dr Sandra Alday (Education)

Associate Professor Gracy (J.Y.) Yang (Research)


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Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Professor Yair Berson
DeGroote School of Business
McMaster University
19 – 29 March, 2024

Professor Ithai Stern
INSEAD, France
14 March –2 April, 2024

Professor Mats Alvesson
University of Bath, UK
University of Lund, Sweden
8 March – 1 April, 2024

Professor Kazuhiro Asakawa
Graduate School of Business Administration
Keio University, Japan
13 – 27 March, 2024

Professor Jose Cortina
School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University
12 – 25 February, 2024

Dr Giovanni Cardillo
University of Bologna
4 - 21 December, 2023

Professor Jonathan Doh
Villanova University School of Business
Villanova University, Pennsylvania
4-15 December, 2023

Professor David C Thomas
Gustavson School of Business
University of Victoria, Canada
6-24 November, 2023

Professor Christine Chan
HKU Business School
The University of Hong Kong
13 – 16 October, 2023

Professor Lin Cui
Research School of Management
The Australian National University
23 September – 8 October, 2023

Professor Desislava Dikova
Vienna University of Economics and Business
28 August – 15 September, 2023

Dr Milda Zilinskaite
Economics and Business Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR)
Vienna University
7 August - 24 September, 2023

Professor Amit Karna
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
1 – 26 May, 2023

Associate Professor Stacey Fitzsimmons
Gustavson School of Business
University of Victoria, Canada
1 – 15 May, 2023

Professor Mats Alvesson
University of Bath
University of Queensland
11 – 26 March, 2023

Professor Peter Ping Li
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
17 – 27 March, 2023

Professor Andrew Delios
NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
28 November – 2 December, 2022

Research seminars

All enquiries should be directed to Dr Zeerim Cheung.

Adopting knowledge from reverse innovations? Transnational patents and signaling from an emerging economy
  • Speaker: Prof. Jiatao (J.T.) Li Lee Quo Wei, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Date: 15 November 2018
The Chimera of India's Digital Plays: Chasing a Billion+ Customers
  • Speaker: Dr. Tejpavan Singh, Indian School of Business
  • Date: 5 November 2018
Show Me the Money: How and When Extroverted Personality Affects CEO Pay
  • Speaker: Dr Shavin Malhotra, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Date: 20 August 2018
Supporting refugee workforce integration: The paradox of managing expectations and supporting professional identities
  • Speaker: Associate Professor Luciara Nadron, Carleton University
  • Date: 24 July 2018
Microfinance diversion: Effects of recipient’s individual factors, resource shock and family involvement
  • Speaker: Dr Seung-Hyun Lee, Naveen Jindal School of Management, University of Texas
  • Date: 8 June 2018
Changing Patterns of FDI from Developed and Emerging Economies
  • Speaker: Prof Dr. K. Narayanan, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
  • Date: 16 May 2018
TMT Heterogeneity and Firm Performance in Turbulent Environments: Evidence from the Financial Crisis
  • Speaker: Svenja-Marie Smolinski, University of Dusseldorf
  • Date: 26 April 2018
Internationalisation and Corporate Governance: A study of Indian Family Owned Business Groups
  • Speaker: Associate Professor Dr. S.Subramanian, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
  • Date: 11 April 2018
AMJ Paper and Idea Development Workshop
  • Speaker: Academy of Management Journal
  • Date: 6 April 2018
How much do national institutions matter for variance in firm performance?
  • Speaker: Professor Markus Fitza, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
  • Date: 5 April 2018
Ownership in Emerging Market Firms and Strategic decisions: Board independence and CEO duality as Moderators
  • Speaker: Associate Professor Rajesh Upadhyayula, Indian Institute of Management
  • Date: 3 April 2018
Re-imagining the research process: Dominant and alternative metaphors
  • Speaker: Professor Mats Alvesson, Lund University, Sweden
  • Date: 9 March 2018
Relevance and impact of social science: on having anything to say (to others than reviewers)
  • Speaker: Professor Mats Alvesson, Queensland University
  • Date: 8 March 2018
The Future of International Business Research: Big Questions, Grand Challenges and a Way Forward
  • Speaker: Jonathan Doh, Villanova School of Business
  • Date: 16 February 2018
Conference: Advancing Emerging Markets Research, University of Sydney, Suzhou Campus, China
  • Speaker: University of Sydney Suzhou Campus; University of Sydney Business School
Public policymaking in India
  • Speaker: Emerging Market Internationalization Research Group
Reports from the global field: The IMPACT project
  • Speaker: Professor Jason Shaw, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
The CAGE around cyberspace? How demand-side bricolage strategies accelerate the internationalisation speed of digital start-ups
  • Speaker: Professor Sali Li, University of South Carolina
Fair values and idiosyncratic risk: Evidence from European financial institutions
  • Speaker: Dr Margarita Mejia Likosova, University of Tübingen
The development of collective trust in Chinese-German subordinate-supervisor relations
  • Speaker: Professor Markus Pudelko, University of Tübingen
Indian Economy at a crossroads: Issues and challenges
  • Speaker: Dr Vinish Kathuria, Shailesh J Mehta School of Management of IIT Bombay
Effects of CSR activities at home on emerging market multinational enterprises’ OFDI
  • Speaker: Dr Tao Bai, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Latin America in the 21st century: Cultural differences and competitive strategies
  • Speaker: Professor Christopher J Robertson, Northeastern University Boston
Globalization of R&D and innovation: The Indian experience
  • Speaker: Professorial Fellow V V Krishna, University of New South Wales
Maximising intercultural competence in classrooms, academic programs and study abroad
  • Speaker: Professor Joyce Osland, San Jose State University
International marketing implications of Karma and materialism in India
  • Speaker: Associate Professor Rajat Roy, Bond University
Engaging students to develop intercultural competencies
  • Speaker: Professor Gary Oddou, California State University San Marcos
The choice of acquisition from around the world
  • Speaker: Associate Professor Mark Humphery-Jenner, UNSW Business School
The stupidity paradox: The power and pitfalls of functional stupidity at work
  • Speaker: Professor Mats Alvesson, Lund University in Sweden
The effect of penalty regulation on feedback-based learning and fuel efficiency improvement in the US automobile industry
  • Speaker: Professor Kyung Min Park, Yonsei University Korea
When does inward internationalisation facilitate outward internationalisation for emerging market firms? An organisational learning perspective
  • Speaker: Dr Jianxun Chen, Economy University of International Business and Economics
Political ideological misfit in the upper echelons and executive exit: Theory and evidence
  • Speaker: Dr Aaron Hill, Oklahoma State University
Turkish Multinationals: Market entry and post-acquisition strategies
  • Speaker: Professor Mehmet Demirbag, University of Essex, Essex Business School

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