Medal for Postgraduate Leadership

Commitment to community
This medal recognises visionary leadership, excellence, dedication and commitment to the University of Sydney, as well as involvement in initiatives or projects that enrich student experience or the community, beyond their course requirements.

To be eligible for the 2024 Alumni Awards, nominees must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Nominees must have completed their degree requirements or conferred/graduated from a postgraduate degree in 2023 from the University of Sydney.
  • Nominees must have achieved a minimum credit average (65-74 mark range) during their award course at the University (any qualifications with pass/fail criteria excepted).
  • Nominees must demonstrate visionary leadership, excellence, dedication and commitment to the University of Sydney community.

2023 winner

Yeon Jae Kim
Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) '16, PhD '21, Doctor of Medicine '22

Dr Yeon Jae Kim has consistently displayed her leadership qualities throughout her studies. Having been with the University since 2012, she has undertaken a Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) and a concurrent PhD and Doctor of Medicine. Despite these high-pressure degrees, Yeon Jae has been an active member of the University of Sydney community, serving as president of the Postgraduate Research Student Society at Northern Clinical School and coaching and mentoring students. She also served on multiple university boards and committees to further the student voice in these settings.  

She has consistently followed her instinct for humanitarian work, completing an Aurora Internship with Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) to support Indigenous Australians and First Language knowledge, travelling to mentor refugee children in Malaysia, and volunteering for the IDEAL Society’s Trailblazers Project to promote second chance education worldwide. Alongside her plans to become a research-clinician in Cardiology, Yeon Jae intends to continue teaching and mentoring, and working with the ALNF. Yeon Jae embodies the qualities of leadership, and we look forward to seeing her thrive in her future career.