Alumni Award for Service to Humanity

Commitment to helping others
This award recognises the personal contributions of alumni who, through service or philanthropy, improve the lives of those in need.

To be eligible, nominees must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Nominees must have graduated from the University of Sydney.
  • Nominees demonstrate significant involvement in projects that enrich local or international communities through activities such as volunteering, philanthropy and service to the community.

2023 winner


Naomi Malone wins Alumni Award for Service to Humanity

Naomi Malone's (BA '94, LLB '96) love of history and her lived experience with a disability has made her a supportive advocate for inclusion and accessibility. 

About Naomi Malone

Bachelor of Arts '94, Bachelor of Laws '96
Historian, author and disability advocate.  

Naomi Malone is a champion of disability inclusion and a transformative force in accessibility advocacy. Her experience in advocating for herself as a profoundly deaf person, particularly during her studies, fostered a deep understanding of the need for accessibility as a way of creating an inclusive environment for all. She has since consulted on accessibility and inclusion policies across a number of organisations, including the State Library of New South Wales and the Sydney Festival, and her work has contributed to the ongoing accessibility improvements made by these institutions.

Naomi has numerous accolades to her name, including the Deafness Forum of Australia's Members' Choice Award for her work in captioning the first universally accessible theatre production. She is a published author and continues her commitment to inclusion by shaping disability inclusion policies.

For people without a disability - be an ally. Where there is access, there is inclusion.
Naomi Malone