The Convocation Medal for Undergraduate Leadership

Commitment to community
This medal recognises visionary leadership, excellence, dedication and commitment to the University of Sydney, as well as involvement in initiatives or projects that enrich student experience or the community.

To be eligible for the 2024 Alumni Awards, nominees must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Nominees must have completed their degree requirements or conferred/graduated in 2023 from an undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney.
  • Nominees must have achieved a minimum credit average (65-74 mark range) during their award course at the University (any qualifications with pass/fail criteria excepted).
  • Nominees must demonstrate visionary leadership, excellence, dedication and commitment to the University of Sydney community.

2023 winner

Dane Luo
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) '21, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) '23

To say that Dane Luo was involved in campus life would be an understatement. Dane was involved in the SRC (where he served as Vice President), the USU, the Business Society and the Law Society, and served as a Student Ambassador, Mentor and Academic Tutor. Over the course of his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)/ Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree, he was recognised for his both academic prowess and his contributions to campus culture.  

Dane recently moved to the United Kingdom to study the Bachelor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford with the generous support of the University of Sydney Law School. He hopes to pursue a career as a lawyer and academic, focusing on advancing equality and advocating for change in Australia and abroad. With an ability to balance his work with his passion for giving back to the community, we look forward to keeping up with Dane’s future career.  

About the Convocation Medal

For four decades, the recipients of the Convocation Medal have played an integral role in our continual quest to improve the academic and student experience that Sydney offers, transforming people, lives, outlooks and the community.

The term ‘convocation’ is enshrined in the University’s history and its founding Act of Parliament. Accordingly, convocation is an important part of the University’s fabric, and the medal reflects the considerable contributions of the recipients.