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Impact of giving

Giving today. Changing tomorrow.
Each and every gift to the University of Sydney has an impact, no matter the size. Together, we’ve achieved amazing things. Here are just some of the stories of impact.

Latest impact stories

26 May 2023

How a veterinary student left her hobby farm to forge a new path

Pursuing higher education in another city meant Brianna would need to leave behind the comfort of her family's farm. It was a scholarship and a love for animals that enabled her to make the move.
09 May 2023

Guilt-free energy

A recent gift has accelerated hydrogren researcher Professor Kondo Francois Aguey-Zinsou towards his goal of producing zero-carbon energy for everyone.
02 May 2023

Perfect chemistry for South Coast student

University life isn't always the same for everyone, but thanks to a scholarship, Maddi Eveleigh was able to have the same experience as her peers, focus on her Bachelor of Science and even come back for more.
06 March 2023

First in family: Guy Boncardo's journey from farm to philanthropy

When Gaetano (Guy) Salvatore Boncardo's parents immigrated from Sicily in the early 1950s they were dreaming of a better life. Now Guy is making sure that dream is realised for future generations by providing the opportunity of a university education.
21 February 2023

Deborah Cheetham Fraillon joins Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music welcomes renowned First Nations soprano, musician, composer and educator Deborah Cheetham Fraillon as the inaugural Elizabeth Todd Chair of Vocal Studies. She will commence as Professor of Practice (Vocal Studies) in February 2023.
16 December 2022

Personalised cancer care fast-tracked at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, the University of Sydney and the University of Wollongong are collaborating closely in the foundation of the Arto Hardy Biomedical Innovation Hub which aims to accelerate personalised cancer treatment.
16 November 2022

Jennie Mackenzie donates 20 million to Charles Perkins Centre

Jennie Mackenzie's generous donation will offer critical support to early career researchers and encourage collaboration across disciplines at the Charles Perkins Centre. 

15 November 2022

Unleashing the power of education

Cody always knew he wanted to attend university, but many barriers stood in his way. A scholarship helped him to overcome some of the financial pressures.
25 October 2022

A daughter's gift to the next generation

There are many ways we can choose to remember the people we love, but for John Alan Gibson, his legacy was best celebrated by supporting the next generation of rural students to pursue engineering at Sydney.
07 October 2022

Preserving a body of work

Thanks to a pioneering group of donors, rare pathological specimens will be preserved for future generations of students to study vital elements of human diseases.