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10 reasons to study engineering at Sydney

Why you should study undergraduate engineering with us
Our Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree is the ideal degree for students wanting to gain the technical skills and professional real-world experiences to innovate sustainable solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

Whether your passion lies in robotics and intelligent systems, structural engineering or sustainable and renewable energies, here are 10 reasons why our Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree is the ideal undergraduate engineering degree for you.

1. Engineering for the future

Engineering roles are increasingly demanding dynamic and digital skills across almost every industry.

That’s why all our Bachelor of Engineering Honours degrees are embedded with enhanced foundation studies in data and computation, so our students can gain the digital and computational skills needed to standout in the emerging digital age.

2. Specialise in your area of interest

We offer over 25 unique specialisations that have been developed to align with your Bachelor of Engineering Honours stream of choice.

This includes a wide range of future-focused specialisations including the Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Information Engineering, Computer Engineering and Nanoscale Biotechnology.

3. Australia’s only space engineering undergraduate degree

Our Bachelor of Engineering Honours with Space Engineering is the ideal program for students wanting to succeed in the new era of deep space exploration and development. 

It’s the only dedicated undergraduate space engineering degree in Australia and covers all space-related activities, from ground operations to the design and construction of orbital bodies and explorative spacecraft. 

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4. Combine your passions

Why not broaden your career prospects by combining your Bachelor of Engineering Honours with a second degree in artscommerce, science, health science, medical sciencelaws or project management?

Our combined degrees are between five and 6.5 years in length and give students two full qualifications while undertaking the same annual workload as a single degree student.

5. Globally accredited degrees with industry relevance

Our entire suite of Bachelor of Engineering Honours degrees are accredited by The Institution of Engineers Australia, the national forum for the advancement of the engineering field within Australia.

Our graduates are also recognised internationally through the Washington Accord of the International Engineering Alliance, allowing them to work as accredited engineers overseas.

6. Kickstart your career from day one

The process of professional experience starts from your very first day of study with us and continues throughout the duration of your Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree thanks to our award-winning Professional Engagement Program.

Undertaken by students as part of their degree, the program allows them to visit industry sites, attend engineering conferences and complete a six-week internship to gain valuable firsthand experience.

Engineering student on site with supervisor

7. Connect with our network of industry partners

You’ll also get the real world opportunities and support to undertake internships and work placements with our network of 1200+ industry partners to hone in on your technical and leadership skills.

8. Variety of clubs and societies

University life is more than studying hard and attending class – it’s also about getting involved in one (or more) of our dedicated engineering clubs and societies, such as the Sydney University Association of Biomedical Engineers, Sydney Motorsport (Formula SAE team) and the Sydney Women in Aerospace Engineering.

Not only is it a great way to meet new friends with similar interests, it also prepares you for the workforce by providing networking opportunities and allowing you to develop your leadership and communication skills. 

9. Solve real research problems

Our students get many paid opportunities to undertake impactful research projects alongside our top researchers as part of their Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree.

For instance, our Engineering Vacation Research Internship Program allows students to work on real-world research projects each holiday, while our Engineering Sydney Industry Placement Scholarship provides them with a six-month placement to undertake a high-level investigative project for a leading industry company.

10. Investing in your engineering future

We offer a wide range of scholarships each year to eligible students interested in studying engineering with us.

We've also invested over $200m into new state-of-the-art engineering learning spaces and other facilities for our students as part of our redeveloped engineering precinct.

It is home to the latest biomedical engineering and electrical engineering laboratories available to students, and compliment our other student-accessible laboratories including our Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, Fluids Laboratory and Immersive Learning Laboratory – the largest facility of its kind in Australia.

2 October 2020

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