Student wearing virtual reality equipment

Immersive learning laboratory

Journey to foreign lands or outer space – without leaving the classroom

Powered by the latest virtual reality technologies, the new Immersive Learning Laboratory (ImmLL) is the largest of its kind in Australia. As a student you’ll receive in-the-field experience and interact with new and diverse environments – all without leaving campus.


Physically based in the Faculty of Engineering and open to all disciplines, the Immersive Learning Laboratory aims to give our students virtual access to areas they would not normally be able to go.

Our equipment includes 26 high-powered PCs and Oculus Rift headsets – the largest number of devices housed in any Australian educational institution. Oculus Rift devices immerse users in interactive virtual reality environments by tracking their head movements to provide stereoscopic 3D imagery.

Academics from the University’s faculties of Engineering, Science, Arts and Social Sciences, and the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning are using the lab for their teaching, using immersive content based on interactive 360° videos of real environments or constructed virtual realities.

Some of the current teaching happening in the lab includes:

  • Humanitarian engineering – students explore villages in Niger to learn how to apply their core engineering skills to complex humanitarian problems.
  • Marine biology – students discover life under the sea by exploring 3D models of reefs in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Astronomy – students explore the solar system and night sky in a real-time simulation.

Many environments in which professional engineers and scientists work, for example, are restricted to students due to safety and logistical constraints.

Student wearing virtual reality headset

Immersive Learning Laboratory