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Mechanobiology and Biomechanics Laboratory

Pioneering research in mechanobiology and biomanufacturing
Through collaborative research and industry partnerships, the Mechanobiology and Biomanufacturing Laboratory aims to translate discoveries into tangible healthcare solutions.

The Mechanobiology and Biomanufacturing Laboratory (MBL) is at the forefront of research in mechanobiology, biomechanics and biomanufacturing. Led by Associate Professor Arnold Ju, the team is dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and improving healthcare outcomes through the development of cutting-edge microtechnologies for cardiovascular health.

The lab is actively involved in international collaborations and partnerships, including the Sydney-Glasgow Biomedical Engineering Alliance, SHOP (Harvard Medical School), STATE (University of Toronto), and BioFlexNet (Yonsei University)

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The Snow fellowship funds Associate Professor Ju’s research program aimed at  understanding the mechanics behind blood clot formation, which carries profound implications for diagnosing and preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Our research

Developing innovative biomechanical nanotools, such as the Biomembrane Force Probe (BFP) and fluorescent micropipette aspiration assays (fMPA), to elucidate cellular responses to mechanical stress and advance understanding of mechanobiological mechanisms in cardiovascular diseases.

Our experts: Dr Yao Wang, Ms Laura Moldovan, Mr Haoqing (Jerry) Wang, Mr Fengtao Jiang, Ms Catherine Chen, Ms Jasmine Jin, Professor Stephen Simpson, Professor Philip Hogg, Dr Joyce Chiu

Our partners: Dr Charlex D. Cox and Professor Boris Martinac, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Dr Qian (Peter) Su, University of Technology Sydney, Associate Professor Owen Sigg, Garvan Institute, Associate Professor Yungfeng Chen, University of Texas Medical Branch

Industry Partners: Lumicks, Evident Australia

Pioneering personalised organ-on-a-chip devices, such as vessel-on-chip models, to simulate prothrombotic vascular geometries and provide insights into thrombosis and endothelial behaviour under stenotic conditions. These platforms aim to revolutionise drug evaluation and enhance the success rate of therapeutic interventions.

Our experts: Professor Gemma Figtree, Associate Professor Khoon Lim, Dr Freda Passam, Dr Zhao (Jeff) Wang, Dr Alex Dupuy, Dr Tao Huang, Dr Zihao Wang, Ms Linda Dei-Awuku, Ms Yingqi (Kaitlyn) Zhang, Ms Linda Dei-Awuku

International collaborators: Associate Professor Shrike Y. Zhang, Harvard Medical School, Professor Massimo Vassalli, Dr Qingshen Jing, University of Glasgow, Professor Lim Chwee Teck, National University of Singapore

Leveraging expertise in mechanobiology and biomanufacturing to translate research findings into clinical applications through collaborations with leading clinical trial centres and industry partners. Addressing regulatory considerations and securing clinical champions to ensure the successful translation of technologies from concept to commercialisation.

Our experts: Professor Meg Jardine, Professor Wenlong Cheng, Dr Aisha Abidin, Dr Mingxin Xu, Dr Pierre Qian, Mr Allan Sun

Our partners: Dr Freda Passam, Sydney Biomedical Accelerator, Dr Timonthy AngRoyal Prince Alfred Hospital, Associate Professor James McFayden, Baker Institute and Alfred Hospital, Professor David Beard, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Oxford

Industry partner: CSL Behring

Develop an AI algorithm to aid the automation of 3D microprinting these vessel-chips, through both MRV segmentation of patient clinical images for double-layered chip alignment for the full lumen chips, and identifying key area of thrombus development and pattern in various patient vessel geometries.

Our experts: Dr Haimei Zhao, Mr Yunduo (Charles) Zhao, Mr Naveen Louis, Mr Yundao (Charles) Zhao

Our partners: Professor Zhiyong Li, Queensland University of Technology, Professor Dacheng Tao, Nanyang Technology University

Industry partner: BioFabrix 

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Associate Professor Arnold Ju

Associate Professor Arnold Ju
I am honoured to be awarded the prestigious Snow Fellowship, a remarkable $8 million grant aimed at propelling innovative research initiatives.
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