Students in Electrical Laboratory

Electrical engineering and energy laboratories

Supporting hands-on teaching in energy and electrical engineering

The Electrical Engineering and Energy laboratories within the School of Electrical and Information Engineering serve as dynamic, learning environments providing industry-standard equipment for students.

Close-up of electrical engineering equipment

Electrical Engineering Laboratory

The Electrical Engineering Laboratory is a recently updated learning facility designed to provide electrical engineering students with hands-on experience operating professional-standard equipment employed in industry.

The dynamic learning environment can house 72 students and teaching staff. Each work station is equipped with the latest electrical engineering technologies including a Tektronix mixed signal scope providing 100 MHz sampling for two analogue channels and 16 digital channels; a Rigol 40MHz 100MS/s arbitrary waveform generator; and National Instruments (NI) Elvis II+ electronics system with NI Circuit software and Labview software.

Additionally, the laboratory also has a learning and breakout zone to encourage students and staff to work collaboratively. This particular space is overlooked by the main teaching work surface, dubbed ‘Mission Control’ during the design process, which comprises of an audiovisual demonstration bench which can beam images of live experiments to each student’s PC workstation as well as the main audiovisual screen within the laboratory.

A dedicated space for specialised cellular collaborations is also available in the eastern end of the laboratory.

Close-up of energy engineering equipment

Energy Laboratory 

The Energy Laboratory is used to educate electrical engineering students in the fields of energy conversions, power electronics and renewable energy systems.

The newly refurbished facility is home to industry-standard LabVolt machinery and Tektronix measuring instruments, enabling students to use advanced technology to conduct practical work, such as the applications of power electronics technology used in renewable energy systems, and machineries in wind generations.

Each laboratory bench is equipped with a three-phase variable power supply, three-phase fixed supply and high voltage variable DC power supply, enabling students to conduct various projects and experiments safely.

It also features upgraded equipment to meet and compliment the development of renewable energy technologies in the areas of wind generation, solar powers and battery power storage.