27 January 2021

Idea Factory: education program helping students to innovate

Our award-winning multidisciplinary program Idea Factory helps engineering and marketing students innovate.
22 January 2021

What you need to know about hydrogen energy

Australia is well-placed to develop a booming hydrogen economy and export market. But experts say there are several challenges that must be met in order for a wide-scale uptake and national rollout to happen.
21 January 2021

Chemical researchers develop "green" ammonia

Ammonia has sustained humanity since the early 20th century, but its production leaves a huge carbon footprint. Now researchers have found a way to make it 100 per cent renewable.
19 January 2021

What's the most effective way to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine?

Researchers compared different vaccines and vaccination strategies using game theory and network analysis, arriving at several scenarios which could be used to influence vaccine policy in Australia and globally.
12 January 2021

Where does untreated wastewater go in developing countries?

14 billion litres of untreated wastewater is created each day in developing countries, but we don't know where it all goes. Humanitarian engineer, Dr Jacqueline Thomas explains.