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20 December 2021

Why study mechanical engineering at Sydney

From automotives to biomedical implants, mechanical engineers use the principles of motion, energy, and force to design mechanical systems that intersect with nearly every aspect of our modern lives.
17 December 2021

Professor Barry Webb AM awarded honorary Doctor of Engineering

The renowned lighting engineer has been recognised for his professional excellence, commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineers and contribution to the wider community.
17 December 2021

Researchers develop low-cost, long-range, high-data WiFi system

Researchers from the Centre for Internet of Things and Telecommunications are developing a long-range WiFi system that can be integrated into existing WiFi infrastructure to achieve long-range communication, high data rates and low latency for the mining industry.
08 December 2021

Nanosensing to solar fuels: Sydney Nano unveils new Grand Challenges

Four new visionary projects span sustainability, biosecurity, solar energy and health, drawing talent from across the University's faculties.
07 December 2021

Are we approaching peak meat consumption?

Dr Diana Bogueva and colleagues from Curtin University explain whether meat consumption increases as income increases, revealing the countries that may have already reached 'peak meat'.
06 December 2021

Spoiled oranges shine light on malignant cells

A University of Sydney PhD researcher is developing a cancer and serious disease-detecting biomedical probe that can be made from the juice of rancid oranges.
06 December 2021

Sydney's "factory of the future" ready to drive statewide innovation

A $25 million facility has today been launched to drive innovation and foster industrial output in the heart of Sydney's Tech Central.
01 December 2021

Bionic eye study progresses through trials

A bionic eye being developed by a team of biomedical researchers at the University of Sydney and UNSW has shown to be safe and stable for long-term implantation in a three-month study, paving the way towards human trials.