21 July 2022

COVID shield: spray coating to shield surfaces from viruses, bacteria

A sprayable coating that prevents the surface spread of infection from bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, over a sustained period has been developed by a team of Australian researchers.
19 July 2022

Artificial intelligence pioneers fund next generation of researchers

The generous gift supports collaborative, multi-disciplinary research underway in the University of Sydney's Digital Sciences Initiative.

17 July 2022

Sydney rocketry students announced as world champions

The USYD Rocketry Team was announced as the overall winner of the Spaceport America Cup intercollegiate rocketry competition, having competed in the 30,000 feet Commercial Off-The-Shelf launch and payload categories.
12 July 2022

Sydney researchers named 2022 Young Tall Poppies

Three University of Sydney researchers have been awarded 2022 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards in recognition of their work across engineering, medicine and health, and science.
06 July 2022

Collaboration to fast-track machine learning, high performance computing

At a recent Tech Central symposium co-hosted by the University of Sydney, UTS and semiconductor manufacturer AMD, academia, industry and government came together to discuss the future of machine learning.
05 July 2022

G'day space: Australia is "go" for launch

Director of Space Technology at the Australian Space Agency Katherine Bennell Pegg delivered the 2022 Warren Centre Innovation Lecture.
05 July 2022

Giant Leap for space industry R&D in NSW

The NSW Space Research Network (SRN), which is co-led by the University of Sydney, will fund seven projects through its first Research Pilot Program.
27 June 2022

University to drive NSW's semiconductor capability

The Semiconductor Sector Service Bureau (S3B) brings together leading experts from the University of Sydney, Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, CSIRO and the Australian National Fabrication Facility.
27 June 2022

Net Zero Initiative Seed funding announced

The Faculty of Engineering is pleased to announce collaborative research projects that have been awarded grants to support the path to net zero target. 

22 June 2022

The secret of cells could be in their yo-yo-like tendencies

Biomedical engineer and physicist Dr Martinez-Martin has conducted new research that sheds light on the once-secretive growth behaviour of cells.