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Why study software engineering at Sydney

Design, write, and test software to transform the digital world
Ideal for creative and analytical thinkers, studying software engineering will teach you how to develop and advance software to meet the digital needs of a wide range of industries.

Software engineers design, write, and test software and systems to improve the efficiencies of computers and electronic devices. This ranges from video games and mobile apps to larger operating systems in the health, defence, and finance industries.

While computer science courses such as our Bachelor of Advanced Computing introduces you to a range of computing technologies, studying software engineering will provide you with an understanding of the overall lifecycle of software solutions, as well as a solid basis in coding and programming.

Relying on coding and programming knowledge, a creative approach to problem solving, and strong planning skills, software engineers generally work as part of a team to deliver the software that allows the team to meet their goals.

If this sounds like something you’ll like to be a part of, our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) degree could be the perfect choice for you.

Open the door to a wide range of careers

Because studying software engineering has its roots in engineering, computer science, and data science, you’ll gain a range of valuable skills that make you an asset to hiring organisations.

Our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) draws on the underlying concepts of engineering such as analysis and design, development processes, and integration with wider systems, giving you the big picture understanding of developing effective software.

With this knowledge base, you’ll have the opportunity to take on roles such as information security specialist, database programmer, system test engineer, web developer, or software analyst. You could work for a multinational company, a government sector, or even launch your own start-up!

A future focused field

Software engineering is a critical field in addressing many of the world’s greatest challenges. From climate change to health, software underpins the technology needed to make important technological advancements.

This has been the experience of fourth year Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software Engineering) and Bachelor of Laws student David Hua, who has found that software engineering has allowed him to understand how different technologies used in computer systems operate, interact with one another, and can be applied in real world contexts.

“My degree has created rewarding and fulfilling opportunities for me to apply what I have learnt to develop technical solutions that can address meaningful problems faced by society,” said David.

Software engineering graduates often go onto complete important research, or have gone onto address some of the world’s greatest challenges – such as tackling the growing issue of e-waste.

Choose from carefully selected specialisations

When you study software engineering with us, you can choose from specialisations designed to capitalise on industry demands for graduates skilled in emerging technologies.

From big data to AI, we’ll equip you to work with the latest technologies in a fast-paced field.

Recognising that software engineering is about more than just programming, we offer the following degree-specific specialisations in our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) degree:

We also offer the following breadth specialisations:

As you don’t need to choose a specialisation straight away, you can find out which subjects interest you the most and then specialise to tailor your career to your interests.

Gain hands on experience inside and outside the classroom

We know the importance of hands-on experience in understanding software importance, and we’ll provide you with plenty of it throughout your degree.

You’ll take on exciting hands-on projects such as creating remote-controlled firefighting robots to building bio-amplifiers that measure electrical brain activity, and take your experience outside of the classroom through our available industry placements and internships.

With a network more than 1,200+ industry partners and programs such as our award-winning Professional Engagement Program, you’ll be building practical skills and confidence in the workplace from the very beginning of your studies.

Our undergraduate engineering degrees also include project units as well as foundational studies in data and computation, so you’ll graduate with the skills and experience to meet the demands of a dynamic, fast-changing industry.

Have your degree recognised wherever you go

Our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) is accredited by both Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society. In awarding accreditation, both of these organisations have evaluated the course to ensure that graduates have the skills and knowledge demanded by the engineering and information technology professions.

Graduating from an accredited course means your degree will be recognised by Australian employers, and our graduates are also recognised internationally through the Washington Accord of the International Engineering Alliance.

Learn more about our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software).

24 March 2022

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