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Software engineering

Design, write and test the next generation of software and games

All computer systems run on software. Software engineers play a vital role by improving the efficiencies of computers and other electronic devices through design, writing and testing software and systems. 

What is software engineering?

Software refers to a set of instructions executed by a computer to perform a specific task, including web browsers, programming languages, and mobile applications. Software systems are larger, more complex entities with multiple components designed to address broader computing requirements. 

Software systems include healthcare information systems, financial trading systems, aircraft control systems, and robotics control systems. Software engineering is a multifaceted discipline that involves designing, building, and maintaining software and software systems to meet user needs and are reliable, efficient, and maintainable. 

Software engineering careers

  • Apply your computer coding skills to develop the latest mobile phone application, video game or web browser used across the world.
  • Use your analytical skills to make existing software more streamlined and user compliant.
  • Work for a multinational company, government sector or launch your own startup.
  • You’ll have a multitude of career options: you could be an information security specialist, database programmer, system test engineer, web developer or software analyst, and many more.
  • Choose from global work opportunities within defence, security, finance, telecommunications, consumer goods, healthcare and electronics industries.
  • Software engineering is ideal for creative and analytical thinkers who enjoy coding and teamwork.
  • Graduate salaries for both men and women start at $65-85K per annum (Glassdoor).

Why study software engineering with us?

There are many reasons to choose our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) as your first preference.

  • Recognising that software engineering is more than just programming, we have a unique range of degree specific specialisations and offer the most interdisciplinary approach to teaching software engineering. 
  • We have new facilities adjacent to the new $200m investment in the New Engineering Building.
  • Undertake fun and exciting hands-on projects embedded throughout your degree, ranging from creating remote-controlled firefighting robots to building bio-amplifiers that measure electrical brain activity.
  • Our engineering degrees are designed to ensure our graduates are best positioned to engineer for the digital age, and are embedded with enhanced foundation studies in data and computation.
  • As part of your degree you will undertake the award-winning Professional Engagement Program enabling you to change your approach to learning through self-reflection, and undertake a six-week internship to gain valuable firsthand experience.
  • When you study the Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software Engineering), you can choose a stream specialisation or broaden your studies with a breadth specialisation
  • Broaden your career prospects by combining your Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) with a second degree in arts, commerce, science, health science, medical science, laws or project management. Combined degrees are five years in length – this means you do just one extra year to attain two full qualifications, with the same annual workload as a single degree student.
  • This degree is accredited by both Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society. Our graduates are also recognised internationally through the Washington Accord of the International Engineering Alliance.
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Justin Dang

Justin Dang
Engineering Honours (Software)
“The Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software) degree combines analytical thinking with my passion to create real-world products that will benefit society. It’s more than just learning about coding – you gain valuable project management, communication and teamwork skills that will assist you in the workplace.”
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software)