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Flexible First Year engineering

Get a taste of engineering before you decide on a stream

Still uncertain which stream to take? Our Flexible First Year program lets you try out various engineering disciplines so you can be confident in your decision, and still finish your degree in the usual time it takes.

What is a Flexible First Year in engineering?

The Flexible First Year program allows you to explore different engineering disciplines before deciding upon your ultimate course of study. You will undertake a common set of units before transferring into your preferred stream at the end of your first semester or year.

You can undertake our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Flexible First Year) in the following streams: Aeronautical, Biomedical, Chemical and Biomolecular, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronic and Software.

You’ll get a taste of each of these disciplines in your first semester to help you to decide where your strengths and interests lie.

Enjoy all the same benefits

Once you’ve chosen your stream, you can select one or more majors. There are up to 15 majors on offer, depending on your degree. You can even do the Flexible First Year program with a combined degree in arts, commerce, law, science, health science, medical science or project management.

In all streams you will undertake a mandatory six week industry placement, plant and site visits, and enjoy opportunities for the development of significant professional relationships with industry partners. An embedded honours thesis or research project will allow you to further specialise in an area of your interest. 

Student Profile

Ella Kerr
Ella Kerr, Engineering Honours (Mechanical)
"I chose the Flexible First Year Program as I had no idea which stream I wanted to study. It definitely helped me, as I was able to experience all the different disciplines over a semester and discover which one I enjoyed the most. I don't think I would ever have thought of choosing Mechanical Engineering – my current stream – if I hadn't done the program."
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Flexible First Year)