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Engineering curriculum FAQs

Engineering curriculum changes from 2021

Our new curriculum is focused on building digital and computational skills into all our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree streams.

Frequently asked questions

Changes to the curriculum are in response to a rapidly changing workforce, and world, with engineering roles increasingly demanding dynamic and digital skills across almost every industry. The curriculum has been redesigned to enable you to enter the workforce “job ready”, with an agile skillset and at the forefront of engineering innovation.

  • The main elements of the degree have not changed – you will still enrol into the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and you will select a stream (e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering).
  • The degree duration remains 4 years and includes a research thesis.
  • The degree is still accredited by Engineers Australia. Our graduates are also recognised internationally through the Washington Accord of the International Engineering Alliance.


  • Majors have become specialisations. The term specialisations/specialists are more widely utilised and understood in the Engineering industry, and will set you apart amoungst other graduates.  
  • Projects units have been introduced to develop students' disciplinary and professional identity. The units will help students to understand how their field of engineering contributes to engineering and society more broadly. 
  • You will now complete an introductory computing unit. We are moving from teaching in Matlab and excel (still in use in a number of engineering programs) to teaching the powerful coding language Python. 
  • Project 1 will give students an introduction to their chosen field of Engineering and provide a transition to University.
  • Project 2 will delve into how engineers engage with other professions in concept development, analysis, and planning. Students will learn how their discipline interacts with regulatory frameworks, economics, and society.
  • Project 3 will give students the chance to experience the interaction of different disciplines of engineering needed to deliver complex engineered systems.

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