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Why study aeronautical engineering at Sydney?

18 May 2023
Design, build and operate aircraft of the future
Studying aeronautical engineering at Sydney allows you to learn from world class experts about the analysis, design, production, testing of aircraft, aerospace vehicles and systems.

Aeronautical engineering involves designing, constructing and operating aircraft, aerospace vehicles and systems.

Needing a sound understanding of mathematics, physics, computer science, materials science and design philosophy, aeronautical engineers lead the way across multiple fields of science and technology.

Aeronautical careers on the rise

Aeronautical engineering is an expanding field and projections show the need for engineers in the sector is continuing to grow.

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical) allows you to acquire the skills you need to pursue a number of different careers. In addition to pure engineering jobs, engineers are valued in many other industries such as finance, consulting and management for their methodical approach to problem solving.

All our undergraduate engineering degrees are embedded with enhanced foundation studies in data and computation (including Python programming). Our students gain the digital and computational skills needed to excel in the emerging digital age.

From day one, the aeronautical program is across all years, and throughout your study you will develop your understanding of flight vehicle design, knowledge of aerodynamics, propulsion, flight performance, structural design, materials, flight control systems and simulation, and operations.

With the growth in commercial air and space travel, and the demand for high-speed travel on the rise, the opportunity to revolutionise the next generation of aircraft and become a leader in the aerospace industry is all yours.

Practical experience while studying

Our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical) gives you unmatched practical experience throughout the length of your degree.

Exclusive to the University of Sydney, the first year of your degree will provide you with the opportunity to build aircraft components and participate in the construction of a light two-seat aeroplane as an introduction to aircraft construction and design. This experience is not offered in any other aeronautical program in the world.

Throughout the life of the degree, you will also get the opportunity to:

  • Gain aircraft piloting experience (with instructors) to learn about operating aerospace platforms
  • Learn about programming flight simulators and have the opportunity to ‘fly’ your code
  • Design a complete aircraft (or satellite system) with interactions from industry
  • Undertake a research project and or study advanced electives to enhance your learning in an area of your interest.

As part of the University of Sydney’s industry engagement, there are also opportunities to spend six months working on and undertaking industry relevant research projects towards the end of your studies. Several students have completed this work with NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in the USA, where a number of our graduates currently work.

Gain job-ready skills and graduate industry-ready

As the University ranked first for graduate employability in Australia and fourth in the world, when you study our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical), you’ll gain the industry experience to help you succeed after graduation.

All Bachelor of Engineering students complete the award-winning Professional Engagement Program, gaining exposure to industry and professional work under the guidance of professional engineers from the very beginning of their studies.

Programs such as the Jacaranda Flame Consulting Program or the Engineering Sydney Industry Placement Scholarship can provide you with further industry experience and strengthen your research, problem-solving, and communication skills.

With 1,200+ industry partners who work with the Faculty of Engineering, you’ll gain hands-on experience and an insight into life after university.

Unique student experiences

Joining a student society at Sydney gives you the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests, practise your skills or learn something new.

From Sydney UAV Engineering where students compete in international competitions with unmanned aircraft, to the renowned USYD Rocketry Team, Space Society and Sydney Women in Aerospace Engineering, plus more there is something for everyone.

International accreditation

Our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical) is accredited by the peak body for engineers in the country, Engineers Australia, who have evaluated the course to ensure that graduates have the skills and knowledge demanded by the profession.

Graduating from an accredited course means your degree will be recognised by Australian employers, and our graduates are also recognised internationally through the Washington Accord of the International Engineering Alliance.

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