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International opportunities

Gain credit towards your degree while studying abroad
Take advantage of our short-term, semester-long and year-long international opportunities.

Each year our students extend their learning in different locations around the world. We have partnered with 300 universities across the globe to give you the following opportunities:

  • field trips (including fieldwork and study tours aimed for civil engineering with Authentica)
  • global professional placements
  • short-term, semester and year-long exchanges.

Whether you study part of your dregree in China or Chile, travel to India or Samoa as part of the Humanitarian Engineering major, or undertake a work placement in California with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, the experience is sure to provide you with new skills and a better understanding of different cultures. It also allows you to contribute to other communities and apply your skills and knowledge to improve the lives of others.

We offer support for your overseas experience through scholarships, grants and loans. Read about our students' adventures and follow #UsydOnTour on social media.