23 October 2019

What is the leading infectious causes of death worldwide?

Fungal infections are leading infectious causes of death worldwide – accounting for more deaths than either TB or malaria

11 October 2019

2020 Sydney Summer School in Pathogen Genomics and Global Health

This Summer School aims at young graduates, researchers, clinicians and public health professionals that are interested in translational research the field of public health pathogen genomics and communicable disease control.
18 September 2019

Drug-resistant XDR typhoid on our doorstep

MBI researchers report Australia's first case of extensively drug-resistant (XDR) typhoid
18 September 2019

The Ruthven Blackburn Medal winner

The Medal is awarded to a senior staff member of SMS in recognition of a sustained, distinguished and notable contribution to clinical research and demonstrated commitment to mentoring junior colleagues.
17 September 2019

Detailed characterisation of the tuberculosis epidemic in Western Sydney: a descriptive epidemiological study

A new publication by members of WSLHD and MBI explores whether more detailed epidemiological analysis could provide a better overview of the local disease dynamics.
12 August 2019

New advances in biocomplexity

Biocomplexity is the study of macro-scale complex structures and behaviours that arise from micro-scale interactions of active biological agents, across multiple levels ranging from molecules and cells to organisms and ecosystems.
06 August 2019

Eureka Prize: Act Now for TB Control

ACT Now for Tuberculosis Control – Associate Professor Greg Fox and Professor Warwick Britton from the University's Faculty of Medicine and Health and Professor Guy Marks from the University of New South Wales are award finalists for the Eureka Prize for Infectious Diseases Research.
06 August 2019

Communicable Disease Surveillance Ethics in the Age of Big Data and New Technology

Despite existing widespread digital surveillance and major potential community benefits of extending its use to communicable disease control, there is considerable public disquiet about allowing public health authorities access to personal health data.
31 July 2019

Clinician perceptions of respiratory infection risk

Clinicians' use of personal protective equipment is critical to reducing the risk of transmission of infectious disease.
16 July 2019

Yeast products and discovery workshop 4-6 Dec 2019

MBI is pleased to be co-sponsoring the biannual meeting of the Australasian Yeast Group.