03 March 2020

Coronavirus in the news

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness with symptoms ranging from a mild cough to pneumonia. Good hygiene can prevent infection.
02 March 2020

MBI research into pandemic infection control initiatives

MBI and APPRISE research fellow Dr Mary Wyer recent grant success will allow her to expand her research preparing Australia's hospitals for infectious disease outbreaks
02 March 2020

Revised definitions of invasive fungal disease

MBI researchers, Tania Sorrell and Sharon Chen, join 65 experts across the globe to review reference standards for clinical trials of antifungal agents, diagnostic tests and for epidemiology studies.
02 March 2020

AFR 100 women of influence speech

Julie was named the overall winner of the Australian Financial Review's 100 Women of Influence for 2019
10 February 2020

AMR Social Science at MBI

Come along to ‘The Social Life of Antimicrobials: Practices, Economies, Contexts and Futures' workshop and join leading experts in the humanities and social sciences to critically examine the precursors of, and potential solutions to, Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) across contexts and cultures.
16 January 2020

Epi in the zoo 

Facilitated by Professor Ian Dohoo and co-hosted by Sydney School of Veterinary Science and the Taronga Institute of Science and Learning, the workshop will focus on measurement scales and mediation analysis.