05 August 2021

Should I wait for Pfizer? The case for AstraZeneca - now

The most common question health professionals are being asked at the moment: “What should I do about a vaccine?” Below, leading doctors from across the country present the case for all eligible Australians to seek vaccination as soon as possible.
29 July 2021

Perceptions and demand for routine immunisation and other maternal child health services during COVID-19 pandemic among caregivers and healthcare works in East Asia and the Pacific

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO) has commissioned the University of Sydney to undertake research examining perceptions and demand for routine immunisation and other maternal and child health services during the COVID-19 pandemic, among caregivers and healthcare workers.
30 June 2021

Aquaculture in Southeast Asia

MBI researcher, Prof Ruth Zadoks, provides expert advice in a new report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), warning of an emerging foodborne hazard in Southeast Asia.
29 June 2021

Genotype, Antifungal Susceptibility, and Virulence of Clinical South African Cryptococcus neoformans Strains from National Surveillance, 2005–2009

As we learn more about the relationships between molecular types of C. neoformans from different geographical locations, we will gain a better understanding of this fungus that is globally distributed throughout the world.
29 June 2021

A Map of Molecular Types, Genotypic Diversity, and Antifungal Susceptibility as Reported by the Latin American Cryptococcal Study Group

In Latin America, as is the case globally, cryptococcosis affects predominantly immunocompromised male patients, with HIV infection being the main predisposing risk factor. Cryptococcal meningitis, which is the main presentation of cryptococcosis, remains a significant burden in adults from many regions of the world where there is a high HIV seroprevalence. Despite great improvements in antiretroviral therapy, cryptococcosis is still associated with high morbidity and mortality.
29 June 2021

Mycosands: Fungal diversity and abundance in beach sand and recreational waters — Relevance to human health

This article highlights the Mycosands initiative which was created to generate data on fungi in beach sands and waters, of both coastal and freshwater inland bathing sites.
29 June 2021

Scedosporium and Lomentospora Infections: Contemporary Microbiological Tools for the Diagnosis of Invasive Disease

Scedosporium/Lomentospora fungi are increasingly recognized pathogens. As these fungi are resistant to many antifungal agents, early diagnosis is essential for initiating targeted drug therapy.
29 June 2021

NSW Biocontainment Centre

The New South Wales Biocontainment Centre (NBC) is a new service to enhance state-wide preparedness to effectively respond to future pandemics and manage patients (adult and paediatric) with high-consequence infectious diseases (HCID).
02 June 2021

Fungal taxonomy and sequence-based nomenclature

When Candida is not Candida and millions of fungi have no names
18 May 2021

AMR and the environment: A global and one health security issue

MBI researchers discuss the role of agriculture driving antifungal AMR in Vietnam, in this recent publication from Geneva-based AMR Think-Do-Tank.