Pathogen Emergence and Spread

Reducing future pandemic impacts
Pathogen emergence and spread pose an ever-present risk. Our researchers are using the most advanced tools to assist epidemic insight and disease control.
Utilising advanced pathogen genomics, epidemiological surveillance and computer simulations we aim to understand and prevent epidemic outbreaks and guide better targeted disease control strategies. 

Meet our experts

Pathogen evolution

Professor Eddie Holmes is a world-renowned virologist and expert on the evolution and emergence of infectious diseases, particularly the mechanisms by which RNA viruses jump species boundaries to emerge in humans and other animals.

Precision public health

Prof Vitali Sintchenko is a leading public health microbiologist and informatician who conducts research on biosurveillance of communicable diseases. He is studying and implementing genomics-guided surveillance of respiratory, food-borne and other bacterial diseases with epidemic potential (e.g. tuberculosis, pertussis, pneumococcal pneumonia, salmonella gastroenteritis, MRSA infections).

Surveillance, preparedness and response

A/Prof Meru Sheel  is an infectious diseases epidemiologist with expertise in public health emergencies and immunisation. Her work focuses on the Asia-Pacific region.

Disease modelling and simulation

Prof Mikhail Prokopenko is Director of the Centre of Complex Systems. Complex systems is an approach to science, engineering, health and management that studies how relationships between parts give rise to the collective emergent behaviours of the entire system, and how the system interacts with its environment.