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Visitors program

A welcoming destination for eminent scholars
The many exceptional experts who visit Sydney Law School create valuable opportunities for the exchange of ideas and research, and facilitate ongoing national and international research links and collaborations.

Developing and enhancing collaborative networks

Visitors contribute to Sydney Law School by:

Facilities and resources

Visitors may be provided with:

  • a University of Sydney login to use Sydney Law School computer facilities.
  • access to the Herbert Smith Freehills Law Library.
  • shared office space (if available).

Note: Assistance is not provided in arranging living accommodation

Who may apply?

We seek applications from international and domestic scholars of high standing at any stage in their career. 

When to apply

Applications may be submitted at any time of year, however visa processing times can take several months. International visitors are advised to submit their application at least 4 months before their intended visit.

How to apply

1. International visitors often require a visa. As a visitor, it is your responsibility to ensure you hold a valid visa for entry into Australia that will allow you to engage in all the activities you wish to undertake during your stay. If you intend to visit more than one institution during your stay in Australia, it is important that all institutions are included in your visa application.

Further information on work rights and visas.

2. Before submitting your application you will need to contact an academic sponsor or a research centre or institute at the Sydney Law School to secure support for your visit. Your sponsor must provide a letter or email confirming the following things:

  • their overall support for your visit including their availability to meet you upon arrival at the Law School, introduce you to interested colleagues and involve you in the academic life of the School.
  • how you will contribute to the School during your stay, e.g. collaborative research, staff seminar, public seminar/lecture, mentoring of staff or students. This should be consistent with the information you provide in your application.
  • any supporting statements required for visa purposes

You must include the sponsor's letter or email with your application. 

3. Complete the application form.