14 October 2020

$1.3m for humanities and social sciences research

Sydney humanities and social science researchers have been awarded more than $1.3m to examine a range of topics, including democracy in the bush, home ownership and what we can learn from history about free university education.
14 October 2020

The Dennis Leslie Mahoney Prize in Legal Theory

The Julius Stone Institute for Jurisprudence invites entries for the Dennis Leslie Mahoney Prize in Legal Theory.
25 September 2020

Law degrees that smash global boundaries and create change

Maithri Panagoda AM migrated to Australia, completed a Master of Laws at Sydney Law School, and built a career around making a ground-breaking difference.
21 September 2020

Unique partnership bridges gap between education and profession

Sydney Law School and Corrs Chambers Westgarth form a unique partnership that aims to benefit law students and bridge the gap between academia and the legal profession.
16 September 2020

Attracting the world's top students with our law scholarships

Sydney Law School offers over half a million dollars of law scholarships to attract the world's best students and support career ambitions.
14 September 2020

2020 Virtual Prize Giving Ceremony

In one of The University of Sydney Law School’s largest annual events, more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate students were recognised for their outstanding academic achievements at the Prize Giving Ceremony on 26 August 2020.

08 September 2020

The potential pitfalls of technologies like Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Legal researchers consider the complex legal and ethical consequences of neurotechnologies, with a focus on Elon Musk's new device.
31 August 2020

The unlimited pathway that stems from ambition and opportunity

Alumnus, Mitchell Cleaver, talks about his law school student experience and the global doors that open up with a Sydney law degree.
27 August 2020

Student entrepreneurs design solutions to real-world problems

University supports student entrepreneurs to take their big idea to the next level.
25 August 2020

Unparalleled study opportunity and life-changing experience

Peter Cameron Oxford scholarship paves the way for Sydney Law School alumna, Eleanor Makeig, to pursue further study at a world-class university