A lifelong learning commitment and unrivalled further study opportunities

6 November 2020
Supporting penultimate students, final year students, and alumni to pursue further study
Sydney Law School provides further study opportunities with law scholarships and fast-track postgraduate programs.

Sydney Law School continues to lead the way with further study. Through our law scholarship and fast-track postgraduate programs, we provide opportunities for students and alumni to undertake further study, whether at our beautiful campus in Sydney or through facilitated streamlined pathways at a world-leading university, abroad.

Sydney Law School has a reputation for:

  • equipping students with sought-after skills for the global marketplace
  • preparing graduates to be the most employable in the world
  • academic excellence and teaching by globally recognised legal educators and respected professional practitioners
  • providing practical and advanced learning student experiences.

This is why our students and alumni look to us for further study opportunities. We provide a continued learning pathway for students and graduates during their career journey, as they excel and become leaders in their various careers.

Law is a demanding discipline, and we recognise the ambitious nature of our students. With a commitment to lifelong learning for our past, present and future students, we provide the required opportunities to facilitate advanced learning through our law scholarship and international pathway programs. 

Further study opportunities

International Pathways Program

Sydney Law School’s International Pathways Program offers LLB and JD students the opportunity to undertake their final semester of study abroad, and fast-track into a postgraduate masters program at a world-leading law school.

The program allows high-achieving students to receive a Sydney LLB or JD and a masters degree at another world leading law school. We have strong global partnerships with top universities including University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and National University of Singapore.

The program facilitates a smooth transition into further study and provides the opportunity for students seeking international education aspirations, to continue their learning journey.

Read Mitchell Cleaver’s inspiring story. He was the first student to join the International Pathways Program. 

Postgraduate law scholarships

Sydney Law School attracts the best and brightest students in the world, and we are committed to lifelong learning. Through our postgraduate scholarship program, we remove the barriers and provide a clear pathway for our students and alumni to become leaders and change-makers.

Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholarship

Sydney Law School alumna, Eleanor Makeig

The Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholarship provides a direct pathway for our outstanding LLB and JD graduates to study at the University of Oxford. This enriching experience provides the deeper level of legal understanding and critical-thinking for our top graduates.
It is a great privilege to be awarded the Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholarship. My studies would not have been possible without the generous support of the Law School and donors.
Sydney Law School alumna, Eleanor Makeig, Juris Doctor 2018

Alice Zhou and Eleanor Makeig share their stories and insights of their time at Oxford University.

Justice Peter Hely Scholarship

Sydney Law School alumnus, Mitchell Cleaver

To become leaders in the global marketplace, we recognise that our graduates seek advanced learning, additional qualifications, and a culturally enriching experience. The Justice Peter Hely Scholarship provides the opportunity for the recipient to undertake postgraduate study in the fields of commercial law and equity at Sydney Law School or an equivalent institution.

Mitchell Cleaver (LLB, 2016) was recently awarded the Justice Peter Hely Scholarship and is now studying at Oxford University. 

I’m incredibly excited to be going to Oxford. I never thought I’d have an opportunity like this. I'm immensely grateful for the support of the Sydney Law School and the Justice Peter Hely Scholarship which made this possible.
Sydney Law School Alumnus, Mitchell Cleaver, Bachelor of Laws 2016

Ivan Roberts Scholarship

Open to both domestic and international students, the recently refreshed Ivan Roberts Scholarship provides the recipient with the opportunity to undertake postgraduate study at Sydney Law School.

The newly reframed Ivan Roberts Scholarship supports our own students to choose a path less travelled, and pursue their postgraduate passions right here in Sydney Law School.
Dean and Head of Sydney Law School, Prof Simon Bronitt

Our law scholarship program is designed to recognise potential, ease the financial burden that comes with study, reward high achievement, and create a pathway for ambition and limitless opportunities.

Banner image by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash.

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