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11 April 2019

University researchers present eHealth initiatives at national conference

Researchers from the Matilda Centre have been invited to present at an addiction conference about eHealth initiatives that are providing trusted information to clinicians the community about mental health and substance abuse.
09 April 2019

Anxiety and alcohol use: attempting to retrain the brain

Dr Katrina Prior from the Matilda Centre is working with young people to create an online intervention to prevent the exacerbation of comorbid anxiety and alcohol and help young people lead healthier lives.

05 August 2020

Childhood adversity and substance use: exploring the connection and how to prevent harms

Roughly 40% of people have experienced childhood adversity and subsequently, have a substantially greater risk of developing substance use problems than those who have not had these experiences.

05 August 2020

2020 PREMISE Career Development Support Grants awarded

The Matilda Centre has awarded a third round of PREMISE Career Development Support Grants, providing support for career development activities for early to mid-career researchers or research students.

05 August 2020

Empowering young people to support each other and develop lifelong skills

We spoke to Dr Louise Birrell about her work in adolescent mental health and alcohol prevention and the new app she is developing called Mind your Mate.

12 December 2020

Getting Help

The Matilda Centre delivers research programs that aim to increase the knowledge base around the effective prevention and treatment of mental and substance use disorders. While we do not provide treatment directly, we know that getting the right kind of help for mental and substance disorders is important.
16 December 2020

Alone Together study

Researchers at the University of Sydney are investigating how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of Australians.
17 April 2020

Neuroscience-based harm reduction for older adolescents

Jennifer Debenham is a PhD candidate at the Matilda Centre. Her research aims to unite and empower young people to engage in positive health behaviours around alcohol and drug use through a brain-based drug education program, known as ‘The Illicit Project’.

17 April 2020

Decision-support needs of people with co-occurring depression and problematic alcohol use

Researchers at the Matilda Centre conducted a needs assessment to help us better understand and address the unmet needs of people with problematic alcohol use and comorbid depression when making decisions about early intervention and treatments.

12 December 2019

Unravelling the complexities of trauma in people with substance use problems

Logan Harvey, a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney’s Matilda Centre, is exploring the relationship between Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and substance use.