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The Matilda Centre celebrates outstanding achievements

23 March 2021
Recognising outstanding achievement
The Matilda Centre has held the inaugural 'Matilda Centre Awards', recognising outstanding achievement in activities that promote the values and aims of the Matilda Centre in 2020.

The Matilda Centre Awards were open to Matilda Centre staff and students through an application and nomination process to recognise outstanding achievement of our research and professional staff and students in activities that promote the values and aims of the Centre. Judges included at least one member from the following groups: Matilda Centre Youth Advisory Board; a Senior Matilda Academic or Matilda Centre Executive; External Matilda Centre Member; and a Lived Experience Member.

Congratulations to nominees and winners across all categories!


In recognition of contribution to mentoring and/or support of the career development of academics, students, professional staff and/or clinicians inside or outside the Matilda Centre.

Research Excellence

In recognition of outstanding contribution to the field, as assessed by outputs and impact over the previous 12 months.

Outstanding Contribution

In recognition of consistent activities or actions that exemplify the values of the Matilda Centre.

  • Individual Award: Melissa Gray
  • Team Award: Statistics Portfolio and Youth Advisory Board Portfolio (joint winners)

Leonie Manns: Community Impact and Engagement

Leonie Manns

Leonie Manns

The Leonie Manns: Community Impact and Engagement Award (Leonie Manns Award) is in honour of a very special collaborator who worked very closely with Matilda Centre staff and others over the years to improve the lives of people living with mental illness. Leonie Manns was a woman with lived experience, who became a national and international advocate for the rights and participation of people with lived experience in mental health research and policy.

The Leonie Manns Award recognises outstanding community impact and engagement of people with lived experience, their families and loved ones, clinicians or other key stakeholders.

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