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Central Clinical School elective placements

Stand out from the crowd
An elective placement at the University's largest clinical school provides you with valuable and unique clinical experience in the discipline of your choice.

Updated 10 February 2022: The University of Sydney Medical School is not currently accepting elective placement applications or making elective placement offers until further notice. This includes applications for placements in 2022. An update will be provided on this website mid-2022.

An update for students from Australian and New Zealand medical schools will be provided in early 2022 for placements commencing from March 2022.

Before you apply

Before you apply for an elective placement, first check the availability of your preferred department (pdf, 69KB) and be aware of the checks and clearances you will need to complete before you can undertake this placement.

All correspondence about electives must be with the Electives Coordinator directly. Even if the department has said they can take an elective student, departments may be unaware of the actual availability.

Please note: we are unable to offer elective placements to students from universities where the majority of teaching is delivered online. Students are expected to have a reasonable amount of prior clinical experience.

How to apply

To make an initial application for an elective with us please submit the following documents to the Electives Coordinator via email or post:

  • elective application packet (pdf, 595kb) (including elective application form, NSW Health Code of Conduct Agreement and Prohibited Employment Declaration)
  • proof of receipt of the $200 application fee (not currently accepting payments).
  • a letter of good standing from a senior staff member of the student's medical school (in English or with a certified translation and a 12-month validity)
  • written proof from the student's University or another appropriate body (in English or with a certified translation) that the student is insured for public and professional liability (including medical indemnity) while doing their elective in Australia.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email. If you are successful, you must submit additional mandatory documentation within 6 weeks.

These documents include:

  • NSW Vaccination record card (to be completed by GP) 
  • National Police Check
  • Criminal Record Check (for students studying overseas)

Please do not book flights or accommodation until we have notified you that you are NSW Health compliant.

Applications for 2020 are now closed and no further placements will be offered.

Before you attend a placement in a NSW Ministry of Health facility, you will need to meet certain requirements to be verified by the NSW Ministry of Health to ensure your safety and that of other students, staff and patients.

Please review the clinical placement checks and clearances and complete and submit all documentation in the format that is requested.

  • Only students in their final or penultimate year of study will be considered.
  • Elective placements are not available to students whose teaching in online based.
  • We cannot accept students who have arranged placements at other institutions in Australia if the total period is more than 8 weeks.
  • Acceptance by the Clinical School is at the discretion of the local Associate Dean, subject to load and other local considerations.
  • Most time should be spent in the ward or clinic attachments, mostly in association with stage 3 students doing their Clinical Attachments. However, elective students may attend large group teaching sessions such as lectures. Elective students cannot participate in small group tutorials.
  • We will not sign the forms provided by students certifying that they have the “same rights and responsibilities as students from this University.” However, we will sign the form stating that the student has had the “same practical and clinical training as medical students of the University.” If your University does not accept this statement please do not submit your application.
  • NSW Travel concessions are not available to elective students as per NSW Government Policy.
  • Students cannot apply for an elective via the Department they wish to attend, as departments are unaware of their student quota, which includes our own students, interstate and other electives.
  • Students from non-English speaking country should have a proficient level of English (spoken and written) before they submit an application. A minimum English level of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 570 is required.
  • Your University should include in their letter of good standing a paragraph on your English ability: either the language of instruction for your studies is entirely in English; OR that they are happy that your English ability is sufficient for you to gain an acceptable level of experience and skills from your elective placement, to satisfy their elective criteria.
  • Please check with your closest Australian Embassy or Consulate for visa recommendations.
  • During your elective, your appearance must be appropriate to a clinical environment – ie you should appear well-groomed and dress in a professional manner. 
  • Assessments are not offered to elective students.

A certified copy is a copy of a document that has been endorsed and signed by an authority figure – a solicitor, lawyer, Justice of the Peace or a Notary Public – as being a true copy of the original document.

  • The endorsement must be in the following form: “I certify that this is a true copy of the original document” along with the name and signature of the person who certified it and the date.
  • A family member cannot certify documents.
  • Senior members of your Medical School can certify documents. Any document certified by a senior Medical School member must include the name and position of that Medical School member, and carry the University stamp or seal.
  • If sending more that one page, each page must be certified.
  • This must be done on the front of the document, not on the back of it.
  • Be sure your copy is certified correctly or it will be rejected.


Application and elective fees are payable online at OneStop via Visa or Mastercard.

  • Non-refundable Application fee: $200
  • Elective fee (up to 4 weeks): $900
  • Elective fee (from 5-8 weeks): $1,300


Application and elective fees are payable online at OneStop via Visa or Mastercard (not currently accepting payments). 

  • Application fee payable when you first apply
  • Elective fee payable after your elective placement has been confirmed


We generally do not grant refunds if you have to cancel your placement unless your reasons for cancellation are deemed exceptional.  If granted, only the elective fee will be refunded and the amount refunded will be based on your date of notification.

Date of notification

Refund amount

Six or more months prior to the start date of your placement 75% of the elective fee
Less than six months and more than three months prior to the start date of your placement 50% of the elective fee
Three months or less to the start of your placement No refund

Central Clinical School

Electives Coordinator
  • Central Clinical School, Building 63 Level 4, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Central Clinical School