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Functional appliances

Learn how and when to use functional appliances

This one day online course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the theoretical underpinning of functional appliances and give you the confidence in using some of them clinically.

Please be advised that we have updated this course to be delivered fully online via Zoom.

Course overview

In this course you will be guided by Dr Morris Rapaport and you will learn what appliance modifications are necessary in high angle or asymmetric cases. You will also cover questions such as:

  • how do you recognise any shortcomings in the appliance the laboratory has sent you? 
  • how do these appliances work? 
  • What do I put on the laboratory slip? 

These and other questions will be answered during this one day online course. The theory underpinning all functional appliances will be covered but the clinical emphasis is mainly on The Clark Twin Block Appliance.

Interspersed throughout the formal lectures are case reports and more case reports - preferably your cases. That invariably emphasises what you have just learnt because so many points are demonstrated during the group discussion of cases. You are encouraged to collect records and send them to us in an electronic format at least one week prior to the course for inclusion in the program. 

The day ends with a brief self-assessment test, which will show you what you retained and perhaps what you need to look over in your notes.


  • Definition of functional appliances
  • Different types of functional appliances, especially the Clark Twin Block Appliance
  • How to use functional appliances
  • Timing
  • Appropriate cases
  • Cases with good / bad prognosis
  • Multiple case report examples

Learning objectives

  • Understanding appropriate cases suitable for functional appliance treatment
  • Understanding the theory behind
  • Knowing the best timing for treatment
  • Recognising cases with good / bad prognosis
  • Knowing the clinical manipulation necessary for use

Course date:



9:00am-5:00pm (Online via Zoom)

Course structure: 

Lectures online via Zoom

CPD hours:


 Course fees

$700 (incl. GST)

Standard for dentists

$585 (incl. GST)

University of Sydney alumni

  $560 (incl. GST) University of Sydney/NSW Health staff


If you wish to register your interest for this course and be placed on the waitlist, please complete the submission form here.

Course presenter

Dr Morris Rapaport BDS, MDSc

Morris Rapaport first graduated in 1976 and then obtained a MDSc in Orthodontics from the University of Sydney in 1980. He is in specialist orthodontic practice, is a part time lecturer at The University of Sydney and is an Invisalign Platinum Provider. He has been involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching for decades and has lectured nationally and internationally.

Morris has had a long interest in functional appliances and in the early 1990's developed a course in the clinical use and theoretical underpinning of functional appliances, which he delivers annually to the Sydney University postgraduate students. After receiving an award for “outstanding presentation and treatment” of a case he began treating in 1991 with the then new Clark Twin Blocks, he published a paper in the Australian Orthodontic Journal (March 1998) demonstrating the application of the Bass Aesthetic Analysis in functional appliance diagnosis.

Morris is well known for his ability to simplify complex issues and presents them using liberal doses of humour to make lectures not only highly accessible, but enjoyable and memorable.