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Orthodontics 3

Half day workshops that extend orthodontics training
This course is for participants who have completed Orthodontics 2. It designed to extend your experience within the orthodontics department for a further 12 months.

Course overview

Participants attend a half-day each month and are encouraged to join the morning lecture sessions scheduled for Orthodontics 2. The course presents an opportunity for participants to complete the active treatment of patients from Orthodontics 2.

Course outline

  • To continue the active treatment of patients from the Orthodontics 2 program
  • Attend seminars of Orthodontics 2

Learning objectives

  • Obtain clinical skills to perform orthodontic finishing of Class 1 mild crowding cases

Learning outcomes

  • Be able to perform continuous orthodontic care for Class 1 crowding patients from diagnosis to finishing
  • Obtain confidence in performing treatment in simple orthodontic problems
Key information
Course date: 

12 monthly sessions - This course has been postoned until 2022

1:30pm - 4:30pm (includes lunch). Registrants are encouraged to attend the morning sessions of Orthodontics 2 each day (from 9:00am).

Sydney Dental Hospital, 2 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Course structure:  Lectures and hands-on clinical (patient treatment)
CPD hours:


Course fees:* TBC
Pre-requisites and mandatory requirements:

Participants must have completed Orthodontics 1 and 2. To be eligible for enrolment, the candidate must satisfy the entrance criteria.  

In order to comply with NSW Department of Health Policy directives to be able to treat patients within a public hospital, there is a mandatory requirement for registrants to supply. Registrants will be sent a detailed information pack upon registration detailing the specific requirements and deadlines for lodgement.

Registration:  If you wish to register your interest for this course and be placed on the waitlist, please complete the submission form here.

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Clinical and Professional Development
Our orthodontics courses form the only hospital-based series in Australia run by university academic staff where participants are actively involved with patient treatment."
Professor M. Ali Darendeliler, Course facilitator

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