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Business of health

Navigate the Australian healthcare system
Better understand one of the largest employers and industrial sectors in the Australian economy by studying our business of health short course, co-provided by the Sydney Business School.

Course Overview

Effective leadership in healthcare needs an understanding of the fiscal frameworks and strategies of the public sector. It also needs a grasp of the business models of private players in the health system. 

We explore this complex mix to build an understanding of the inter-relationships among the players in the industry, public and private. The course will explore the financial and regulatory environment in which providers operate and identify the main business models used by different players in the industry, including service providers, private insurers, employers, and government regulators. We will also look at consumer-driven businesses seeking to disrupt the way healthcare is provided.

The course draws on expert lecturers, international comparisons and case studies to give an understanding of the incentives and constraints that shape strategies to create value in healthcare. Students will learn the basics of business model development and strategic planning from both private and public sectors.

Important: This short course is a variant of the unit of study, Business of Health (HPOL5006). It enables you to complete the unit without formal university enrolment. You will receive a certificate of completion. However, you will not receive credit points towards a University of Sydney degree.

To receive credit points and an academic transcript, please see the Medicine Postgraduate Non Award.

Key information

Course fee

$1500 (including GST) 

10% discount for 5 or more participants from the same organisation

Course structure

The unit is taught as an intensive with workshops running over four days, supplemented by online activities. Classes are offered in face to face and online modes.

Course dates

Introductory session:

Saturday 25 June 2022, 09:00am-2:00pm

(not compulsory for Short Course students)

Workshop dates:

·         Thursday 14th July 2022

·         Friday 15th July 2022

·         Monday 18th July 2022

·         Tuesday 19th July 2022

Lead Unit Coordinator

James Gillespie

Applications close

Thursday 30th June 2022

Sydney School of Public Health

  • Room 329, Level 3 Edward Ford Building (A27), The University of Sydney NSW, 2006