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Our History

While our Museum has a new name, our membership program has a long history.

The Nicholson Museum was Australia's oldest university museum, founded in 1860 through the donation of ancient and medieval artefacts by Sir Charles Nicholson. 

In 1945, the Friends of the Nicholson Museum was founded, a society dedicated to the improvement, presentation and conservation of the 30,000 antiquities and artefacts that make up the Nicholson Collection

In 2020, the Chau Chak Wing Museum was opened, bringing together the University of Sydney's three powerful collections – the Nicholson Collection of antiquities, the Macleay Collections of natural history, ethnography, science and historic photography, and the University Art Collection

To reflect the new Museum and to support all three collections, the Friends of the Nicholson Museum evolved into the Chau Chak Wing Museum Members. We invite you to join us and discover new worlds and ideas in art, science, history and ancient cultures.