Emma Henderson

Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Music Practice)
Emme Henderson

My audition

I prepared for the music audition for this course by revising my music theory skills and preparing differently styled pieces to perform. I also submitted some original pieces that I composed to demonstrate different skills with both performing and writing.

Where I am now

I’m studying a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Music Practice). I chose this course because it provides a broad range of subjects, aiding development of my skills and knowledge to support a career in the music industry.

The Con also provides a great environment to learn from experienced teachers as well as collaborate with other musicians.

My experience

I found both the facilities and quality of teaching very inspiring, supporting and expanding my musical knowledge and capability.

Sydney Uni is a very open and inclusive environment encouraging student collaboration, which I loved as it facilitates networking and creative development.

My highlight of studying at the University has been the opportunity to mix with other students who are exploring their journey in music, supported by experienced teachers, great facilities and an environment inspiring excellence.

Sydney Uni really allows you to explore and extend your musical capability. In particular, the team projects, both academic and practical, provided me with the greatest opportunities to experience the value of each course.

My favourite subjects

Music Business Skills, taught by David Theak, was one of my favourite classes in first year. He taught us to appreciate the commercial side of the music industry and consider from a practical perspective how to make a living as a musician.

Contemporary Music Practice, run by Jade O’Regan, was another one of my favourite subjects. Jade is an energetic and passionate teacher who consistently supported me with my goals in music.

My future

I really have two goals in music.

First, I’d like to become a successful bass guitarist, working with numerous artists and producers around the world with an opportunity to explore and evolve my musical skills.

Secondly, I would also like to manage a music events business, supporting bands working in corporate and social events.