Joe Plunkett

Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Music Practice)
Joe Plunkett

My audition

At the time I auditioned my HSC pieces. In the lead-up I tried to perfect them beyond just playing notes. I injected the passion and love of music that I have into them.

Where I am now

I'm studying the contemporary music major. I love music and to study popular music at a great university with industry professionals is invaluable. I chose this major as it allows me to connect with highly skilled and like-minded musicians. I wanted to gain insight into the music industry from both a historical and contemporary context. Knowledge is power! Learning about and using the tips and tricks in songwriting, recording, arranging and creating connections were key areas that really interested me.

My experience

It's been an amazing experience. I have connected with so many musicians, some of whom are lifetime friends. The recording facilities and practice rooms are incredibly useful and hi-tech. I've learnt so many skills from songwriting to recording and event management.

My favourite subjects

My favourite subjects include Contemporary Music Making, which has given me the artistic freedom to produce my own work that I enjoy while providing feedback and constructive criticism. Lecturers like Clint Bracknell, Jadey O'Regan and Paul Mac have inspired me. Non-contemporary subjects such as Rhythm Awareness have also altered my perspective on how I experience music through Simon Barker's amazing teaching.

My future

I want to travel the world and play festivals with my bands. I want to produce music with other amazing and talented artists whether from being a session musician to collaboration and co-writing. I would also love to make a living from music so I can spend as much time as I can doing what I love.

My advice

Make use of the facilities as much as you can and write as much music as you can. Working in the studios in your own time enables you to utilise the tools given to you in lectures and tutorials. The more issues you run into on your own, the more questions you can ask of your lecturers. You have to go out of your way to find out what you don't know.