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Director's message

Professor Ben Eggleton, Director Sydney Nano
I believe that Sydney Nano will change the direction of nanoscience and technology in Australia and globally.
Professor Ben Eggleton, Director Sydney Nano

In 2018, I was appointed as director and since then I have been able to meet with many members and supporters of Sydney Nano as we explore how we can reach our mission of transforming our economy, society and everyday life through multidisciplinary research in nanoscale science and technology. We have already broadened our engagement, revised our strategy, restructured the leadership team and selected our inaugural Grand Challenges.

From 2019 onwards we are bringing this strategy to life and I am excited to turn our programs into successes and create impact and return on investment. 

I believe that nanoscience will impact on both fundamental research and the very fabric of our society, economy and our daily life. I look forward to reaching out across the whole University and building the large-scale, multidisciplinary collaborations that are needed to achieve this global impact. 

Benjamin Eggleton

Director - The University of Sydney Nano Institute, Director - Institute of Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS)
  • +61 2 9351 7726
  • Room 4024 Sydney Nanoscience Hub A31