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Open Learning Environment courses (OLEs)

An offering for University of Sydney students

The Open Learning Environment (OLE) is a collection of units that offer students the opportunity to build skills and knowledge by exploring different fields of study.

OLE units

Both our OLE units are two credit points. 

Please check the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook for when each two credit point unit is available and enrol via Sydney Student

OLET1101: Aboriginal Sydney

This unit explores Aboriginal experiences and narratives of Sydney which are often invisible to non-Aboriginal eyes. Sydney is a city rich in diverse pre-colonial, colonial and contemporary sites of significance to Aboriginal Peoples.

Too often, though, perceptions about Aboriginal Peoples consign them to an ancient past or perpetuate stereotypical imaginations that Aboriginal Peoples live predominantly in remote communities.

OLET1101 is usually run annually in Semester 2.

OLET1103: Cultural Competence: Fundamentals

This unit encourages you to learn about who you are and how you relate to the world around you. It aims to serve as a starting point in your journey towards being respectful of diversity and encouraging open and inclusive behaviour.

The unit will examine the meaning of culture and cultural competence, and examine social and emotional wellbeing in a cultural competence context as well as identity formation, worldview, and socialisation.

It will address the importance of building cultural competence capabilities to recognise and address racism. The unit helps you explore the implications of being part of a University community that is located on Aboriginal land.

OLET1103 is usually run annually in Semester 3. 

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