Culturally Competent Leadership Program (CCLP)

Developing culturally competent leaders

We offer an annual transformational retreat for University of Sydney leaders to develop their capability, capacity and resilience for culturally competent leadership.

Commencing in 2017, the Cultural Competence Leadership Program (CCLP) has provided a transformative opportunity for professional and academic staff from across the University of Sydney.

The goal of the program is to develop a network of cultural competence champions who can successfully lead or embed innovative cultural competence initiatives across a variety of contexts.

Who is the CCLP for?

The CCLP is currently only open to University of Sydney staff, however, the NCCC is open to enquiries from external organisations interested in implementing a leadership program for their own workplaces.

The CCLP is designed for those:

  • eager to engage with a new and innovative discourse about culturally competent leadership
  • who are committed to transformative change
  • in leadership roles and are influencers
  • who are cultural competence champions in their faculty or portfolio
  • able to commit to all the program’s components, including workshops and the completion of online modules prior to the retreat
  • who have a desire to drive cultural competence initiatives as agents of change.
For more information on the selection process and the deadline for nominations, visit the staff intranet.

The role of leadership in Cultural Competence

Header image: CCLP on-campus workshop (Iman Irannejad)