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Articles published in 2019

29 November 2019

MBA student profile: Katrina Van De Ven

Katrina is the recipient of the the Anstice MBA Scholarship for Community Leadership and a current MBA student.
28 November 2019

Gift of Australian paintings from art-loving alumnus

Sixty-three paintings by Australian artists including notable works by Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Roy de Maistre, Ethel Carrick Fox, Emanuel Phillips Fox and Margaret Preston will go on display in the Chau Chak Wing Museum.
28 November 2019

Changing the face of Australia's leadership

The University of Sydney has created a fellowship program to nurture cultural diversity within the next generation of Australian leaders.
28 November 2019

A surprisingly big black hole might have swallowed a star from the inside out

Professor Roberto Soria, an Honorary Associate at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy and School of Physics at the University of Sydney, explains.
27 November 2019

How climate change impacts infrastructure: experts explain

From fires in the Amazon and in Australia, to flash flooding in Europe, right across the globe we are witnessing the impact of climate change on the environment. But how does a changing climate affect key infrastructure? Engineering experts explain.
27 November 2019

New digital resource hub for people with severe asthma

University of Sydney researchers have partnered with the University of Newcastle and Healthtalk Australia to produce evidence-based digital resources about severe asthma.
27 November 2019

MBA Student Profile: Khine Khine Lin

Full-time MBA student, Khine Khine Lin, speaks about the difficult journey of moving to Australia to study, and why it was all worth it.
27 November 2019

Koalas are not ‘functionally extinct’ but they are in danger

Reports claiming koalas are in demise went viral on Twitter this week, particularly after the American journalist Dan Rather shared it with his followers. Experts say the reports may lead to apathy around conservation.
27 November 2019

Matilda Centre launches at the University of Sydney

Tackling mental health and substance use in young people, the Matilda Centre bridges the gaps between research, government and the community to address one of Australia's biggest health problems.
27 November 2019

Companies are misusing our data and there's little we can do

Our personal, online data is being tracked and used by tech companies, but exactly how is unclear, writes School of Computer Science academic, Dr Suranga Seneviratne. 

26 November 2019

Five minutes with Paul Bennett: Teaching Empathy

Paul Bennett from the Rural Clinical School (Broken Hill) gives students a glimpse into the experiences of people who are older or have a disability, through the Empathy Suit.
26 November 2019

DetectED-X: reshaping the future of cancer diagnosis

DetectED-X is transforming cancer detection by providing intelligent educational test sets for doctors around the world.
26 November 2019

Sydney College of the Arts Graduation Exhibition

Immerse yourself in the talent of Sydney College of the Arts graduates at the 2019 SCA Graduation Show. Opening night Tuesday 26 November.
25 November 2019

Four winners at RACI awards

Presented on 22 November at the awards dinner in Brisbane, the awards recognise outstanding work in chemistry, from student achievement to career excellence.
25 November 2019

What are lost continents and why are we discovering so many?

Led by ARC Future Fellow Dr Maria Seton from the School of Geosciences, a multi-institutional team is finding surprising new information about the nature of continents, from Zealandia and beyond.
25 November 2019

Sydney Facial Nerve Clinic expands interdisiplinary model to include contemporary artist

University of Sydney PhD student Vic McEwan, who is currently undertaking research in the Discipline of Physiotherapy, shares his art at the Big Anxiety Festival, Australia’s largest mental health festival.
25 November 2019

Summer school inspires next generation of Indigenous teens

Students from around Australia will attend the University of Sydney's Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program. Living on campus and taking part in tailored workshops, they'll discover what higher education has to offer.
22 November 2019

Sydney's flagship public talks program heads to India

The University of Sydney has taken its flagship public talks program, Sydney Ideas, to India. It is the first time Sydney Ideas has been taken overseas, and audiences in Delhi and Mumbai had the opportunity to hear from prominent University of Sydney academics.
22 November 2019

Millennials believe it's up to them to end climate crisis, CEMS survey finds

Members of the so-called millennial generation believe the future of the planet rests in their hands, according to a survey of recent master’s graduates in 40 countries including Australia.
22 November 2019

PhD graduand wins LSAANZ outstanding publication prize

Liesel Spencer, who recently completed her PhD at Sydney Law School, has been awarded the 2019 Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ) publication prize for an early career researcher.