03 February 2017

Explainer: what makes a good teacher

From judging what's best for the class and individual to finding the 'sweet spot' for learning, Dr Nicole Mockler explains teaching traits and skills.

03 February 2017

$10 million in new scholarships for international postgraduate students

International students will have even more reason to choose the University of Sydney for their postgraduate research degrees, with the announcement of 40 new fully-funded PhD scholarships available from 2017.

03 February 2017

7 cancer research breakthroughs at Sydney

For World Cancer Day on 4 February, we take a look at the cancer breakthroughs coming out of health and medical research at the University.
02 February 2017

Top 10 quirky facts about love, sex and romance

A collection of unexpected and obscure facts revealed by researchers at the University of Sydney and around the world.

01 February 2017

Explainer: how does the Aboriginal numeric system work?

What are the common myths and misunderstandings about how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people count? Indigenous knowledge keeper Shannon Foster explains in this opinion piece. 

01 February 2017

Elite scholarships help alumni thrive

Sydney has a proud history of support of top scholarship organisations as well as a strong prevalence of graduate recipients across a number of prestigious programs. 

01 February 2017

Swarm relations

Dr Danya Rose from the School of Mathematics and Statistics looks at what we can learn from the decision-making processes found in bee hives.

01 February 2017

Silver and bronze for school students in international space race

Australian high school students took control of NASA robots on the International Space Station last week, during the 2016/17 Zero Robotics Championship Final, run by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies.

01 February 2017

Liza Lim joins the University to nurture women composers

Highly-acclaimed Australian composer Liza Lim, a leading figure of her generation internationally, joins the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to mentor and grow the reputation of women composers.

01 February 2017

Indigenous Mythematics – Aboriginal People Don’t Count?

When it comes to prejudices against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, mathematics is no exception. Indigenous knowledge keeper Shannon Foster looks into the myths and misunderstandings about how people count.