25 August 2017

5 ways the classroom has changed

Times really have changed: you might not recognise the classroom now, with online courses, hands-on learning, overseas exchange, collaborative spaces, and even research talks in pubs.

24 August 2017

University authors shortlisted for state's top history awards

Four history researchers from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have been shortlised for the 2017 NSW Premier's History Awards.

24 August 2017

How to help refugees in Australia

Refugees often arrive in Australia with nothing - including no friends, family or the language skills they need to find work and accommodation. The Refugee Language Program helps refugees learn English and build social networks in the Australian community they now call home.

23 August 2017

The politics of pashing: disability and sex

Queer and disability activist Jax Jacki Brown breaks down the problem with society's approach to disability, and gives advice on how we can fix it.

23 August 2017

The real impact of gifts

There are lots of stories of achievement unfolding as the University's students and researchers strive to find answers and transform lives. Much of this work can only happen through the support of our donors.

23 August 2017

Short and sweet competition serves up vital skills to students

Wouldn't be nice if a PhD took just three minutes to complete? Though research can span years, postgraduate students competing in the 3 Minute Thesis condensed their studies into pint sized presentations for the crowd. 

23 August 2017

Bachelor offers key to drive a global economy

Why is the University of Sydney overhauling our undergraduate curriculum? Our graduates are entering a global job market that is undergoing radical change, writes Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Michael Spence.

22 August 2017

Why anecdotes don't help you quit smoking

Professor Emeritus Simon Chapman explains why anecdotes aren't strong evidence when it comes to quitting smoking.

22 August 2017

Men aren't being offered all options for treating prostate cancer

Australian men with a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer that require active treatment, as opposed to careful monitoring, are often not given all the options available to them, writes Associate Professor Sandra Turner.

22 August 2017

5 cool topics you can study with a geography major

While geography facts make for excellent trivia, what applications can the subject have in society or in a career sense? We chatted with five University of Sydney geographers to learn more about their fascinating research.